Kurt Guthrie - Immortal

Character's full name: Kurt Guthrie

Aliases: Friedrich Huber (birth name), Herman Reinhard 1900-1930; Jaegar von Sankt 1930-1945; Jan Ulricht 1945-1975; Kurt Guthrie 1975-present.

Played By: Heidi

Character Type: Immortal

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

True age: 402

Apparent age: 36

Sex: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 200

Nationality: German (Aryan)

Distinguishing characteristics: precise speech patterns, clipped tone - military like quality about it. He has an overall well-disciplined aura to him, authority, German accent at times.

Any other languages: German (several different dialects), Russian, French, Italian, Finnish, Polish.

Personality: Kurt can be a suave charming gentleman or a ruthless cold blooded killer - whichever suits his purpose at the time. He is always careful, studious, and precise.

Any special skills?: He has "perfected killing into an art form" is quite well versed in battle, tactics, strategy etc. Also an accomplished spy and a fine actor - he can make anyone believe anything.

History, including occasion of first death if warranted.:
I was born in the year 1600, my family was a wealthy one - we owned a large estate in Bavaria. There is not much to be said of the first few hundred years of Immortal life for me… I died in 1636 - during the "Thirty Years War." I gained a teacher, learned the rules of the "Game" took some heads… the usual.

And then the year 1900 came… "Herman Reinhard" probably my 10th or so "name" was born. To be honest the first decade of the last century of the millennium was rather dull. A few minor conflicts here and there but nothing much to see or do. And then those idiotic Serbs went and killed Frances Ferdinand… Now the Hapsburgs where getting a little long in the tooth-and nose for that matter…inbreeding for that many years… -so perhaps in the end killing him was a good thing. The chain reaction of events surrounding that death was actually quite amusing when you think on it.

Perhaps we had made a mistake allying our self with the Austro-Hungarian…god knows had they kept their cool we would have been better off in the war. But they had to go and start fighting right away… Honor bound by our treaty with them we in turn went to war with Russia…then France, and Britain and so on and so forth.

Ahh…the infamous Schlieffen plan… what a royal waste of time that was. Any commander worth his weight would know that hinging everything on one timetable is absolutely preposterous… Nevertheless it was the only plan our commanders had and so we used it. The Belgians fought well but I do not know how they could even hope to have stopped us. And with the French hell bent on getting 'Alsace Lorraine' back we nearly did take Paris… And then the Trench Warfare began.

Now I have been in several wars by this time but World War One brought about a whole new twist to fighting and the mortals just didn't quite know how to handle it. It was actually quiet beautiful in a way… The trenches, the barbed wire, machine guns… you could mow down several hundred soldiers in a matter of seconds… such efficiency. I myself fought and died - several times in some of the more famous battles of that war… Some say if a man dies enough times something changes in him…I do not think I changed in any way - I did grow stronger perhaps, more wary and careful more cunning… and more ruthless.

The war didn't end well for us, our leaders were too weak… and during the "peace talks" they rolled over far too easily in my opinion. Reparations… those fools knew what they were doing. Trying to remove our "teeth" break our spirits … destroy our country… They did the opposite… They put our country in the position to take its place in the world - all it would take is a matter of time.

During the 1920s life in Germany was not easy - even for an Immortal. There was much upheaval, social political … nothing was as it should be, thanks to the "Treaty." But it helped pave the way to our greatest hours … it helped us become what we should be.

In 1930 "Jaegar von Sankt" the "Hunter of Saints" was born… This…this was my true identify, my true calling… In the early 1930's a man named Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany. History considers him a monster but anyone true to his or her heritage as a German or rather Aryan knows the truth. He saw life as it should be - his vision was wise. He himself was a bit mad at times but charismatic enough to lead and had the ability to fulfill our destiny. I was a soldier, a commander, part of the schutzstaffle the "SS" Hitler’s special army. We were tasked with keeping order and carrying out his plans to purify Europe. We created camps, labor camps - they would supply the country with its needs - especially when we went to war. Those more "undesirables" in our lands - the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and those not true to the Fürher were put into them. Eventually we had to find ways to…rid ourselves of them quicker. And so with great efficiency we created the "extermination camps" I myself was head of Treblinka from its creation until 1943 when I was ransferred to Majdanek - where I stayed until late 44 when things were falling apart and I found it best to leave the country. Hitler had finally become mad and in his madness he lead our country into ruin… we lost the second world war - much worse than we had the first.

I emigrated to the United States then as "Jan Ulricht" a simple man whose life's work had been destroyed in the war. No one was the wiser… save for a certain pesky man with an odd tattoo on his wrist. I caught the man this "Watcher" as they call themselves and forced him to tell me of the organization he worked for - what they knew - what they wanted from us and what they did with their info. He spoke freely after I worked him over and then not long after parts of Friedrich Huber’s past were no longer in the database…

The latter half of the century held little interest for me occasionally I traveled the world under various names offered my services to guerrilla warfare, terrorists… Fighting and killing are what I am good at after all…

And then things began to unravel… it seems the US government had accidentally loosed a great plague upon the world again. At the same time I found I had yet another Watcher after me - seems I did not find all records of myself - some great vault in London still held info for those curious enough to dig in dusty tomes…

She talked much as the man before her had…and not only did I learn of what she knew on me but I also learned a great deal from a few files she had on her laptop… Seems a few "prisoners" escaped our camps of long ago… a dissident by name of Risa Morgan and a filthy Jew - Giovanni Bassani. Jaegar von Sankt's work is not done yet it would seem…

And so as Kurt Guthrie I travel West… a new leader has arisen… Randall Flagg…he serves a higher purpose - to cleanse the world itself - and in that I know he is who I should follow…until the day he slips up…

As I journeyed across the country I performed a few jobs for my new leader... he was most pleased with my work - as he should be. Las Vegas is back on its feet, we are far more organized and capable than those insipid idiots following the black witch. My job in Vegas has so far been aiding Flagg in... disciplining the less than savory among our populous.

I have joined forces with Victor Huntingdon - a well bred Englishmen who has a keen mind and the proper standards for who should be allowed to live in this new world. I think we will achieve much together - as long as he does not cross me in my personal pursuits.

Author's Note:I would like it to be known that I in no way agree with anything said in the bio above. I am not anti Semitic, I believe fully that the horrors of World War One and Two are things that should never ever be seen again and that the perpetrators of them should have been and were punished accordingly.

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