Creating a Character For Play

All characters must be approved by the moderators before any posting to the list. No exceptions.

We must have this form completed in order for us to add you to this site and for you to be able to post. Please be as specific as possible when filling this out, if you choose to create more then one character please fill out the form separately for each character.  You do not have to fill in every question, just ones relevant to your character. Feel free to add more information if you desire. In addition, please include a picture for your character. This can be an actor, model or personal picture.

No Immortal can be older then 3800 years without moderator approval. All older immortals should have detailed back history included in their submitted profiles.

No Dark Quickenings

No Character can be a copy of a canon character, ie: no female rock stars up to their eyeballs in debt ala Larry Underwood. No four hundred year old handsome Scottish men who announce themselves as 'Hamish MacGregor from the clan MacGregor'.

You may wish to read existing character bios before creating your own to insure names, ideas and special abilities are not already taken.

You may have as many created characters as you think you can keep up with, but for canon characters from either Highlander or The Stand please limit it to two. Requests for more then two will be considered though.

If you choose to play a canon character (please make sure you know enough about that character to play them) still fill out this form for the character bio page of this site. It also helps other players to see how you view the character.

For a list of 100 fun Quirks you could use to flesh out your PC, Click here.

Character's full name:
Played By (your name/nickname and e-mail here):
Character Type (Immortal, Preimmortal, Mortal):
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
True age:
Apparent age:
Distinguishing characteristics:
Any other languages:
Any special skills: (ex: knows martial arts, swordsmith, etc. Monitors reserve the right to limit this.)
History, including occasion of first death if immortal. (Note: The older the immortal or mortal is, the more detailed I expect there to be.)

Please include: Picture or description of sword (For immortals only, picture not required, but description is needed if you do not provide a picture.)
Picture or URL of your character.

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