A few guidelines to help you create a character for the RPG. Graciously borrowed from the HighlanderHaven RPG.

Hello and welcome to the Immortal-Stand role play by e-mail game! Role Playing is basically pretending to be someone you are not.  In this particular RPG we have created our own world that involves characters from The epic novel by Stephen King 'The Stand' as well as the Highlander Series and First Movie.  This game includes, but does not limit to the characters in the aforementioned series and movies.

This is not a transcript of the shows or movies, you create a character and make up their actions as you go, posting their actions and dialogue to the mailing list which is then sent out to everyone subscribed.  An example of a post is....

Duncan was just about ready to step into the shower, when he felt the familiar sensation of another immortal close by...He quickly wrapped his towel around himself and no sooner did he grab his sword did he come face to face with....

If someone chooses to reply they keep the original subject line and quote the part of the post they are replying to and example would be.

>and no sooner did he grab his sword did he come face to face with...

"Well hello Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod, it is good to see you. "  Said Ginny as she eyed his sword carefully.  "Did I come at a bad time?"

Of course a real post would be a lot more detailed then just that, but hopefully you get the picture. You probably also noticed that the second characters name is not identifiable from the shows, that is because she is a created role.  There are no large or small parts in role playing, it just depends on how often you wish to post, how many characters you have, and who replies to you.

The setting for the Immortal-Stand RPG is vast, the entire United States is yours for exploring, and if your character is immortal, you have the past as well. Though for better gameplaying it might be wise to move your character where many others are located.

Flashbacks are allowed if relevant to storyline, but remember not everyone could have met Caesar, Shakespeare, Cleopatra, etc, so keep it real.

Creating your character is easy, They may or may not have been scripted players, so there is virtually no limit as to who your character can be, just try to be realistic.  For a list of canon characters we are looking for to join our game, please check out our Help Wanted page.

Try to make him or her someone who could have possibly been in the book, series or movie, not robots, cyborgs, aliens, and the like, there are other RPGs for that.

Please do not duplicate characters that are all ready taken or emulate a scripted character.  Not everyone is a brooding Scot, a sexy 1200 year old cat burglar, or a tormented fallen rock star. BE ORIGINAL is the key to Role Playing.

Also don't forget mortal characters we need them too! This RPG will not be about the fighting between immortals and the quest for the prize. This will instead be about seeing them interact with each other when they have to put The Game to the side for a moment.

If you all ready have two chacters and wish to create a MORTAL character to either play in another storyline or enhance you own this will be allowed.

Include with your character a fairly detailed history of their life. If they are only 24 years old, their history is going to be much shorter then someone who is 2,400 years old. The Character form is located here and it must be filled out for every character you play.

There are a few rules to the Immortal-Stand RPG, please review at your lesiure or e-mail me with any questions.  Thank you.

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