Rules that should allow for smoother gameplay for all. Any questions or disputes about these rules, please direct them to The Moderators.

1. Profanity is allowed, but please don't use it just because you can. You do not need to swear to be effective. Same goes for sexual content. Both Highlander and The Stand are PG-13 genres, there is no need to make them XXX. If you want to write sex scene after sex scene, please find another list.

2. Please make sure to put your characters name and the names of those you are addressing in each e-mail and the subject line along with your thread title. For example.
Cat burglars on a hot tin roof - (attn: Harold/Amanda)

3. We require a time, location and cast stamp at the beginning of each post. It's the only way to keep track of the action on the list and keeps everyone within a day of each other. An Example.
Joe's Flat - Denver
Sunday Evening

4. Please do NOT kill, hurt or maim another persons character without their permission first. If you choose to have your character killed, you may create another, but please e-mail us the information so I can keep an up to date character page for the game. Canon characters can not be killed off without monitor approval. If you leave the game, the canon character you hold can and will be open to other players.

5. Please do not become a friend, relative, or past lover of another persons character without their permission first. If your character has a past history with another please clear it through that character's player FIRST. All player e-mails are listed on their character's webpage. This means BEFORE you send the character bio to for approval. **If your character has a past with a canon character that is not taken in our game upon your subscription, it will be allowed at the moderator's discretion and when the character in question is taken the new history will become canon for them.

6. The tag line is not required at the end of each post unless you would like just one specific person to reply in a group of many. Your characters name in the form of - Sadie Colston, or - Methos, is required so we know who wrote the post.

7. DO NOT include the entire post that you are replying to, please only include the barest minimum needed to make your point clear.

8. DO NOT Take someone else's post and rewrite it inserting your character's reactions and interject a few words between each paragraph. We are assuming that other characters are reacting when someone else is speaking and it is not necessary to see the same post six or seven times with a few modifcations.

9. In The Immortal-Stand RPG we all prefer longer posts with some thought behind them. It keeps your mailbox from being flooded with one line replies. If it's less then a paragraph, don't bother. This is not the list for you if you are extremely protective over your characters. If you do not want people describing actions or even putting words in their mouths you may want to find another list. Just keep the others characters as true to their form when describing them. Don't move them around unreasonably, and please, if you are not sure what they would do in a situation either write the player off-list or end the post and let the other player reply.

10. Your character CANNOT be in two places at once. That should be self-explainitory.

11. This is a mere request, of courtesy. Please do not mail to the list requests to another person about their characters, virus alerts, get rich quick schemes, or any attachments This can be done off-list using the e-mails provided on each characters webpage, or uploaded in the files section of the Yahoogroups page. Please keep your posts text only, and do not use the list to promote your website. (This will only be allowed in the signature portion of your post)

12. Another request of courtesy, if you are planning to write a post that is above the PG-13 rating please before your date, location, and cast stamp, in bold letters let people know that the post could contain some offensive material to sensitive folks so they can choose to read it or not. This requests not only to sex, but to extreme violence or graphic description of historical events, such as witch burning, as well.

13. All OOC talk should take place on the OOC list for the game. If you need an invite, please mail us and we can send you and invite or directly subscribe you to the list.

14. Do not take things said about your character personally.

15. English might not be everyone's native tongue. Although posting in English, keep in mind that unusual spellings or abbreviations make it very difficult to translate. To communicate most effectively with the most number of people, standard English is probably the best bet. Abbreviations and foreign phrases are certainly allowed; just consider adding a translation. Ur, for You're or your, U for You, are not allowed.

16. Each person may have up to two (2) canon characters, either a canon one from the Highlander Series or Movies, or from The Stand Novel. You may have as many created characters as you can keep up with. If I think you are becoming overloaded I will ask you to cut back. For a complete list of characters click here. For ALL characters please fill out the information on the new character bio. It will allow us to get you up on the website faster. Please be creative though, not every immortal is a do-gooder from Scotland, or a wise man thousands of years old, and not every character should be immortal as well.

17. The age request here on the Immortal-Stand RPG is 18 and above. You have been warned, if content is 18+ and offends you, do not complain. By joining the list you are agreeing that you are over 18 years of age. In addition, please write well thought out posts and use spell check.

18. If you want to start a thread, send invites off-list to the people you want to play in it. Do not just expect them to jump in if they are busy all ready. If you do not know where to place your character, mail us and we can help you out, or you may send a post to the list placing your character in a specific place at a specific time and free characters will come to you.

19. If you have an idea for a storyline, because we can't be stuck in the meet and greet phase forever, we actually have to be doing *things* send it to us and we can work out any pieces that aren't fully formed and send an outline for the story to the list so those who would like to be involved in it can join.

20. Please try and post for your character at least every two days. I am not going to be super strict and insist you post everyday twice a day, but if you are part of an active storyline making those you RP with wait more then two days shows very little respect, and the moderators will support the people you are playing with to leave your character behind.

21. Please, relax and allow two days for the people you are RPing with to reply to your posts. This is a game and it is not necessary to spend four hours a day writing back and forth. Some people don't have unlimited access to a computer. Patience is a virtue.

22. While gaming, please read *all* the responses that have accumulated before replying, and reply only to the latest information.

23. If you are going to be gone for a bit of time, please either move your character to a non playing mode, or hand them over to someone who can temporarily play them. This would be greatly appreciated.

24. If a player leaves without notifying the monitor of an intent to return to the game later, your created character can be killed off without further notice.

25. Failure to abide by these rules will have the following consequences:

First transgression - You will mildly irritate everyone on the list, and you will receive a kind warning from the monitor (or co-monitor if applies) to review these guidelines.

Second transgression - You will mightily annoy all members on the list, and you will receive a stern suggestion from the monitor to read the guidelines and follow them.

Third transgression - You will infuriate all members. Some of them will write to the monitor and complain about you; some will write to the list and complain about you. Some will write directly to you and complain about you. The monitor will place your posts on monitored (this means that everything you send to the list must first be approved by the monitors). Repeated transgressions of the rules will result in removal from the list.

26. Please do not hesitate to E-mail us with questions, problems, general gripes and whatnot, we will always try to get back to you in a timely manner.

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