Zoe was born the oldest of three children in a suburb of Las Vegas known as Silverado Ranch. Her early childhood was happy as the family grew, first with her younger sister Lori, and then baby brother Jordan. Zoe particularly loved performing, first putting on puppet shows for her family and then in drama classes and local theater productions. She won praise from her teachers and directors but knew it was a long road to working as a professional she was more than aware of how competitive and seedy things could get from simply hearing the stories of the local showgirls who worked in Las Vegas.

In high school, Zoe was a balance of both pragmatic realist and vivacious, outgoing party girl. She kept her grades up, though never as high as her folks would have liked, but her grades in Drama and English were excellent. Math and Science seemed to only serve the purpose to drag down her GPA.

Zoe's family supported her efforts in drama, but her parents also encouraged her to find a trade she could fall back on something to pay the bills once college was done. She applied to the Julliard School and New York University, but was hit with a dose of reality when both turned her down and she ended up having to go with her back-up plan: Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.

She completed her AA degree but never got the chance to transfer to another school by age 20, she was working as a cocktail waitress on the strip and an office job for the City of Las Vegas as an intern and office assistant for the City's Communications Department. Her hopes for breaking into show business hadn't completely faded, but she found herself more and more embroiled in learning about the City's public relations issues.

Eventually, by age 23, she moved from waitressing to performing in the pirate show in front of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. That seemed to at least temporarily fulfill her yearn to perform, while her days were filled with her new position as PR Assistant at the City of Las Vegas Communications Department.

On the home front, her father - a security officer at Treasure Island - suffered a heart attack, dying suddenly just after Zoe's 24th birthday. It was completely unexpected and a terrible shock to Zoe, who'd thought of her father as one of the wisest men she'd known. She moved back in with her widowed mother to help out with managing the household her kid sister, Lori, was just finishing up college and her little brother was just going into college.

Before her father's death, she'd had her share of relationships, but none ever got terribly serious. The most involved she'd become was considering moving in with a boyfriend when she was 21, but her habit of thinking too far ahead made her think there was likely no real future in it and thus, no point in continuing the relationship. When she moved back in with her mother, her mother had pointed out that it was a dangerous trend to think so negatively. "There's life after the honeymoon phase," was a favorite saying of Maddy's, but Zoe never cared to listen too hard.

Then Captain Tripps came to full bloom, and Zoe's remaining family were all taken from her in less than a week. She clung to her family's home in Silverado Ranch with all her might, burying her mother, sister and brother in the back yard. She became more and more fearful of venturing outside the family property, as the world had become nothing more than a stagnant graveyard and reminder of how little she had left.

She very seriously considered killing herself, but that was when the dreams began. She dreamed of a man, fearsome but welcoming, telling her that she was important to the survival of mankind. If she had been meant to die, the man whispered to her sleeping ear, she would have. No, she had a role in the future society, and as one familiar with Las Vegas, she was urgently needed. She would be loved and appreciated in the new society. Her efforts would be rewarded if she came back into Vegas. Look for Cassandra, she was told by the man, whose name she knew to be Flagg.

And so, she finally convinced herself to leave the family home for now, and venture into Vegas.