Born to a family of servants in London during the early 1800s, Victor was luckily enough to be accepted by his parents employers, a wealthy family who paid for his education. Victor received the best education of the time. He learned to fight with a blade at the age of 5 and excelled at the study of fencing as if it was as natural as walking. He also studied the arts of operatic singing, painting, sculpting and the instrument of the violin. It was not until he graduated from college with a doctrine in music that he realized something was different about him. It began when upon returning home from the college, he found his parents murdered. It appeared they had been dead for quite some time, a week or more, or so the smell of their bodies dictated. Written on the wall in there blood was one mysterious sentence, "There can be only one." The relevance of it would not make sense to him for many more years. After a great investigation that only turned up one witness, who saw a shadowy, blade carrying figure fleeing from the scene, Victor left London, disenchanted with the law enforcement that aided him in the investigation and settled into a small English town north of the city. He found work there as a professor at a college and soon, he believes due to his good looks, high intelligence and well breed manner, rose up to the position of dean. There he stayed for the next ten years, unaware of what he was or of the secret that would soon be revealed to him.

When a female student took a special interest in the dean, no one batted an eye. The man was charming and handsome, and no one thought that more than Victor himself. He paid the girl special attention. Seeing her even when his schedule was booked, after all she was an attractive girl. Yet, Victor soon found her stranger and stranger by the day. She came to his office frequently, questioned him about school, her future, and her own life as if she was digging to see if he knew something about her. Soon daily conversations turned to his past. Inquiry after inquiry, between her nonstop flirting, soon made Victor tired. It was only then, when the girl noticed he was losing interest, that she asked him for the first time to join her off school grounds. Victor, who had never bothered to notice the school had been built on the church yard of the town church, making the land holy ground, agreed to see her. The problem was however, seeing anyone off school grounds could cost him his job and so, the strange girl offered to meet him near a wooded area that led to a hiking path.

He met her the following day, agreeing to the evening walk which would be his last as a mortal. Once they were clear of the open land and other people's eyes, the girl asked Victor to sit with her and listen to a tale of immortality. At the end, he merely laughed at her. "You read too many fairy tales, little girl." He told her to which the immortal woman became infuriated. All she wanted as for Victor to understand what he was, and perhaps join her on the way to America. She was sure two immortals could travel more safely than one and after all, he had a crush on the man. But his ego would not let him see what she said was truth and with only one way left to show him, the girl pulled out a gun and shot him.

Despite their reclusive location, the shot could be heard and with in the hour, the dean was declared dead. Victor was, after all, considered a pillar of the town and therefore, it was clear the girl must die. She was given no trial for despite the modern age, mob still ruled. By noon of the next day, the girl was hung. Strangely though, a minister of the town, who worked at the church where the school was built, told the towns people that the only way to ensure the girl was dead was to cut off her head. And, since no one would fight with the Christian man, it was done. When the lightening came, the ministered declared it 'God's thanks' and soon, he retreated to the church where he demanded the dean's body be brought. It was less than an hour after the arrival of Victor's body that the man sprung back life, gasping for air. The minister explained to the revived Victor what exactly had occurred and exactly, detail by detail what he was now. The minister, however, had seen the girl, knew what she was and knew she was, in his eyes, evil and must be stopped. Victor, however, he respected and thought could do some good with his immortality. On the minister's promise to cover up his false death with a false funeral and burial, Victor left the town and the country of England the following day and never saw the minister again.

He journeyed to American and resided in New York City, taking a job with an orchestra. He remained there leading a rather uneventful life. Night by night, however, Victor became obsessed with seeking out other immortals. He needed more answers on their life, why the existed. He got some answers, other times he was challenged and while he probably killed five or six, he'll likely tell you it was well into the hundreds.

It was then that a local cop caught his attention, the man, Captain Brodrick, had been speaking freely of his suddenly acquired knowledge of immortality and how it was about to change the nation and history itself. The other NYPD members laughed at the man and soon, Captain Brodrick was forced into early retirement and into mental care. Not one immortal in the city seemed to know how this Brodrick acquired the knowledge, but it had to be stopped. Retired or not, he seemed to be rather active in the city's affairs. Of course, any immortal who offed the man could end up in prison and perhaps, through his own error, reveal his own immortality and by doing so, declare Brodrick not insane. It was then that an idea came to Victor, he hired a Mafia hit man to kill the cop and when the deed was done, Victor thought it would be the end of the insane ramblings of Captain Brodrick. However, a new problem arose...

It became clear to Victor the following week exactly how Captain Brodrick learned about immortals: The captain had a son.. an immortal son. The immortal's name was Tobias Brodrick although, he worked as a PI under the aka Aliene Craig. The immortal boy, in revenge for his father's death, openly gunned down the Mafia boss and his hit man, taking bullets himself in the public eye. It brought Victor to near outrage. He did not think mortal man deserved to know about there kind. He had seen what they had done to the college girl when she was discovered and he knew, if mortal men wanted, they could kill immortals one by one. Soon, he found his life devoted to offing the young Tobias Brodrick. However, the immortal was always surrounded by friends and family.

Over the next few years, Victor became more and more obsessed with Tobias, following him around, but never once getting near enough to the man alone to kill him. Years past and his need to slay the immortal son of Captain Brodrick faded as the memory of his father and the public death of the largest mob boss in NYC did as well.

Weeks turned into decades and soon the plague came. Victor saw it as a blessing. However, alone in the city, Victor found himself a new haunting... dreams, some of an old black woman, some of a dark man, both calling him.

His first steps led him to Vegas where Flagg asked him and Kurt Gruthie to spy on Boulder for him. Gleefully accepting the important assignment, Victor really didn't think of the consequences. Kurt had plans. Big plans. And it involved murdering most of the city... and when Victor spoke out against this idea, Kurt made sure that Victor wouldn't tell anyone by keeping him in a state between alive and dead. It wasn't until rescue came in the form of a small, pretty mortal girl named Mina Archer. Mina freed him and together, they fled the city. They didn't stop until they came across other immortals at the Stanley Hotel.