Born in 1968 in Los Angeles, California, to Anthony “Tony” Beckett, a prominent surgeon, and Efigênia Pereira, a Brazilian actress. Under Efie’s management, Violet began acting at the age of 6, using the stage name Violet Pereira, and later, Violet Perry. She started out doing commercials, and at 7 landed a recurring role on a sitcom as a neighborhood kid. The sitcom led to voice acting, which led to a movie when she was 10 with Dan Aykcroyd. While Violet was in Burbank to promote the movie on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Tony Beckett was killed in a mugging outside their hotel. Violet was devastated, but soon learned the show must go on.

Three years later Efie remarried a man named Stanley Jaffa. They moved to Las Vegas to live with Stanley and his stepson from a previous marriage, Mason. Because of her career, which had expanded into modeling, Violet didn’t spend much time in Las Vegas, so she and her new step brother were never really close. They mostly saw each other on breaks or at holidays, though they bonded over the fact that their stepfather was a giant waste of space...and that they’d both been robbed of their childhoods. He, by Stanley, and she, by her mothers desire for her to follow in her footsteps. When Violet bought her first condo at 18, she made sure there was a room for Mason, should he ever feel the need to escape Casa Jaffa. This was a trend that would continue any time she moved, or traveled for work. Just shy of her 19th birthday she married Tony O’Dell, who she met two years before, at the Young Artist Awards held in Hollywood, where his movie The Karate Kid won Best Picture - Drama. The morning of the wedding, though, Violet woke up and realized what an elaborate show the entire thing had become. She didn’t know half the guests. She was honestly embarrassed Journey was singing their first dance, even if Steve was family (she had a thing for Peter Ceterra anyway). And while she cared about Tony and she really loved his company, he always made her laugh, and the sex was great, she wasn’t sure she was in love with him. Once more, her mother reminded her that the show must go on.

In 1995 Efie was killed in a plane crash in Alaska, on her way to meet Violet at a photoshoot. Immediately following the funeral Violet got up the courage to do what she wanted to do. She cut all ties with Stanley Jaffa, filed for divorce from Tony, retired from her career and life in Hollywood, and moved to Baltimore, Maryland. She got a job at a bar called the Cellar Door, bought herself a nice little house, and began going by her last name, Beckett, or Beck for short. Since leaving Tony, Beck hasn’t had any attachments, just a series of one night stands - the last one asked her how she liked her coffee the next morning and she answered, “alone.” - and when Captain Trips hit in 2002, she was enjoying a quieter life, though as more time passed, and the quieter it got, Beck began to think she missed the noise.