Stu was born and raised in Arnette, Texas - a small town in eastern Texas. One of three boys, Stu lost his father when he was only seven. He went to work at the age of nine unloading trucks for Rog Tucker for a mere 35 cents an hour.

A few years later he went to work at the stockyards where he lied about his age to get more work hours. The end result was twenty back breaking hours a week for minimum wage. Stu never had many friends, but only because he never had time for them between school and work.

His youngest brother Dev died from Pneumonia when Stu was in his early teens. He never fully got over losing Dev. Stu felt a certain guilt over it because his youngest brother's death was looked upon more often than not as one less mouth to feed.

In high school, Stu began to play football. He cut out work hours to play because his mother told him football was his one way ticket out of Arnette. Things were looking up when tragedy struck again. Two months before his graduation, Stu's mother passed away from cancer. He was left alone to support Bryce - his other brother who was three years younger than Stu. At that point Stu turned down the scholarship he was offered in order to take a job at the local factory. It was Bryce that finally did get out of Arnette. He moved to Minnesota to be a systems analyst for IBM.

In 1999, Stu's wife died of cancer only after 18 months of marriage. After her death Stu spent his days at the factory and his nights at Hap's gas station or over at the Indian Head drinking Lone Star beer.

In June of 2002, Stu Redman had the misfortune of being at Hap's gas station when Campion crashed into the gas station pumps. Campion, who had formerly worked on Project Blue, was infected with what would become well known as the 'super flu.' His death led the government straight to Arnette, Texas. The agents quarantined the entire town of Arnette, Texas in Stovington, Vermont, where one by one Stu watched his friends and neighbors die.

As days turned into weeks, it became apparent to everyone that Stu remained unaffected by the flu. Even the hospital staff was infected by now, along with most of the world. Angered by Redman's ever present health, the only doctor who remained alive attempted to kill Stu, who was forced to shoot the doctor in self defense. He then narrowly escaped with his life......

Meeting up with Fran Goldsmith, Harold Lauder, Glen Bateman and Kyra Andrews first, Stu realized the dreams he was having were not just his dreams. The group snowballed, growing in number until they arrived in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder seemed perfect at first. He and Frannie moved in together and prepared for the baby she was carrying to be born. With Joshua Garrett and Lucas Hart, Stu formed a police force. However, a series of explosions in town caused by a group that included Harold, took their home and the expected baby.