Born and raised in a middle class family in Arizona, Sophie was an average young woman, going to school and staying out of trouble for the most part. She started dating at the age of thirteen when she met Greg, a charming young boy who cared about her as much as she cared about him.. or so she thought.

At fifteen, Sophie found herself pregnant. When Greg found out, he became suddenly hard to find. Sophie's parents were caring people and although disappointed, they would not even dream of turning their daughter away. Both of them were present and helpful throughout her pregnancy and the birth of her son, Malcolm Jacob. Sophie finished high school by attending at night and grew up quite quickly after Malcolm's birth. She got a job the day after her graduation and began working as a secretary for a mediocre salary, however, coupled with the money she got from child support, she managed to find a nice apartment for her and Malcolm to live in.

For the next eighteen years, Sophie raised Malcolm as best she could. She ceaselessly drilled it into his head that college was very important and girlfriends could come later. When he graduated from High School in mid-June of 2002 and wanted to take a trip with his friends to Costa Rica, she told him if that was how he wanted to use his extra graduation money, that was his choice. He left on the 17th before the news of the flu was breaking. By the 24th of June, there were reports in Mexico of people growing ill and the United States had numerous outbreaks. Malcolm had called her at 2:00 pm to say he was fine and getting on a bus to come back home on the 27th. The airports were now closed. She promised him she'd pick him up at the station and began to say good-bye as her son began to cough. It was then that she demanded he go to the hospital. He promised he would and she told herself he'd be home soon. It was the last time they spoke. Her mother died later that day and her father two days later, on the 27th. Preparing to bury them, she waited at the station all day. Malcolm never came and convince he might still be alive, Sophie, after failing to reach him by phone, set out from Arizona to Costa Rica.

Strange dreams came featuring an old black woman, protesting and telling her she was headed in the wrong direction. The old woman said it would become more difficult and unsafe to travel the longer Sophie was away from Colorado, but she had to find her son. Darker dreams came then, dreams that showed her Malcolm, still as death, laying on a motel bed, alone.

Military police and border delays kept her moving at a slow pace, but she reached Costa Rica by the ninth of July. She headed to the hotel where her son was staying. Most of the city was still, dead. Those that were alive were burying people in mass graves. Reaching the motel, Sophie discovered the inn keeper, a man named Hector Barbosa who spoke very little English, was the only truly healthy person there. Without delay Hector led her to her son's room, but warned her the last time he had seen the boy, he had been gravely ill. He told her he'd called for a doctor, but no doctors came.

Malcolm was in room nine and already cold when she found him. He had died probably the night before. She buried him with Hector's help. The Hispanic man spoke of odd dreams as well - some dark, some of an old black woman and how he was headed to Colorado.

Too upset to be left alone, Sophie took Hector up on his offer to travel with her. She wasn't sure she could trust him at first, but it was better than going it alone. The streets outside had become dangerous.

Over the next three days, the pair used a gas pump to fill up her car, Hector's truck and several containers that rested easily in the truck of her car. They packed both vehicles full of canned goods and other items they would both need to survive.

Hector lead the way, with her following. Obstacle after obstacle met them with resistance, but by July 23rd, Hector and she were 100 miles below the border between Mexico and New Mexico. That was when Sophie noticed a car not too far behind them. At the same time, a dog rushed out into the street, Hector swerved, causing him to lose control. His truck skid and then rolled several times, causing fatal wounds. Hector said the last words he would ever utter as the car pulled up to the scene.

Sophia met and traveled with several people on the road including Jacob, a baby whom she became very attached to. The party was attacked by a headhunting immortal, Cord Reaper. She alone managed to escape with Jacob and head North where her path intersected with Marlys Hoffman and a man she knew as her uncle, Valen. She later learned he was truly her cousin and an immortal. Together, they finally made it to Boulder where she met and began to see Lucas Hart.