The only child of a professional couple, Joy was adopted via an agency with black market ties, so she has no idea who her birth parents are. But she does know that her adoptive parents doted on her and would do anything for her, a fact that she exploited for years to get whatever she wanted. A few false tears went a long way in her family, and to say she was spoiled would be understating it.

What her adoptive parents didn't realize was that their darling daughter had a sociopathy that included narcissism and a complete lack of empathy for everyone around her. She only cared about people in terms of what they could do for her, and when she could no longer get anything from them, she was done with them or worse.

When she was 16, she made friends with a fellow cheerleader named Kerry, who had the same sort of mindset as Joy did. For a year, they did everything together, mainly because they knew that together, they were viciously unstoppable. They would conspire to win boyfriends and popularity competitions, one always backing the other up when excuses or alibis were called for.

But then, the next year, their senior year, Kerry seemed to tire of the childish and superficial games they played, and began to distance herself from Joy. She even went so far as turning Joy into the principal for picking on less popular girls and drinking on campus. The biggest offense came when Joy's boyfriend dumped her a week before senior prom and started dating Kerry, a shoe-in for prom king and queen.

This incensed Joy, who invited Kerry out one night under the pretense of wanting to make up and move on. What happened, however, was a long evening of prolonged torture and Kerry's murder. Joy assumed that she'd get away with it because she'd always gotten away with it before. But now? Now that she had no one to lie for her, she quickly became the number one suspect when Kerry's body was eventually found. When she realized she was caught, Joy took her own life very publicly, at school, by jumping from the roof when the police arrived to take her away. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but awoke in the morgue.

She had no idea why she was alive, but she felt oddly normal, in a way she'd never felt before. She snuck out of the morgue, but knowing she'd been identified as a murderer, she opted to go home rather than approach anyone at the coroner's office. Her parents were shocked and thrilled to see her, despite all that their daughter had been accused of. They believed there was no way that their daughter could have done anything so horrible as what she'd been accused of. They agreed that Joy should leave the country, or at least, the state, and supplied her with a new identity and plenty of money to make a new start in Canada.

She moved up to British Columbia and lived largely off of her parents' continued supply of money. The odd thing was, however, that she never aged. She wasn't about to complain, and continued her life of ease with occasional visits from her parents over the next five years, before meeting up with a young con man who seemed to pick her out of a crowded nightclub. This was a turning point for Joy, now Melanie, or "Mellie", as the mysterious man seemed to know exactly what and who she was.

He became her teacher, informing her what they really were, and instructing her in swordplay and basic con games. Their games eventually grew in scope and risk, and she hit the road with him and abandoned her parents completely. She had, after all, outgrown them. They avoided interacting with other immortals for the most part, valuing material goods over quickenings.

If Joy had been good at manipulating others before, her teacher made her into an expert reader of people. He taught her how to understand what others wanted to see in her, and how to deliver it in subtler ways than she'd used before. He warned her against relying on winning men with her body and looks – though she was forever young, that didn't work on all men and women. And often, it became a red flag warning her marks of her true motivations.

Instead, he taught her to befriend the friendless or those who were in need of extra understanding and then to take them for every penny they were worth. Little did he know that she would eventually use what she'd learned to move against him, fleecing him of everything he'd stolen in the process.

Then, Captain Tripps hit, just when she'd been on the verge of breaking through the Hollywood scene and winning her way to stardom and boy, was she pissed. But just as quickly, she'd been won over to Randall Flagg's side, becoming a citizen of the new Las Vegas scene. She kept a low profile, remaining outside the inner circle, an agent of Flagg's kept in reserve and in the shadows until now.

After Nadine's suicide, she was called into Flagg's office and given an assignment: go to Boulder. Avoid meeting Mother Abigail. Befriend one girl in particular. And then, to bring that girl to him. The object: a virgin who might bear his offspring. But not just anyone. It had to be one who would cause Boulder, and Nick Andros, particular pain: the young deaf woman, Faith. She would make a fine mortal host for his son, Flagg thought. Flagg warned Mellie that it may take a while to win the young woman's trust, as well as those who protected her. Flagg had admitted this and sent the young woman on her way back on August 9th. By the 11th, she'd arrived in Boulder. And now she'd made enough friends locally that she thought it was time to seek out her new bestie.

Things to know about Mellie: She has never taken a quickening, and determining her true age is difficult for most immortals. She is pretending to be unaware of what she is.