Lloyd's childhood was none too happy. The man the papers dubbed the "Unrepentant Baby-faced Killer" was slow in school, neither creative or smart and never a leader. Not to put too a fine a point on it Lloyd has a way of forgetting things. His home was often unloving and Lloyd fell into a bad crowd and found himself getting into getting into "small shit" until he landed in Brownville minimum security prison where he met and befriended Poke Freeman.

The pair went into a tri-state killing spree after stealing a shipment of drugs bound for California. When a gas station robbery went bad Lloyd found himself with a new notoriety as he waited in the maximum-security prison in Phoenix. With Poke killed in the robbery Lloyd faced the death penalty for several murders, and it was trail he'd never attend. Locked in the Phoenix jail Lloyd was now facing certain starvation and madness as the super flu killed off inmates and guards alike.

Lloyd again escaped death when Randall Flagg offered him the "keys to the kingdom" in exchange for Lloyd's promise that there would be no backstabbing or falling asleep at the watch. He has since served loyally to the only man who has told him more truth then anyone else in his miserable life.