Born sometime during the Yuan dynasty which was founded by Kublai Khan, one of the descendants of Genghis Khan. One of the biggest and bloodiest dynasties because of Kublai’s desire to expand his empire. Prostitute turned concubine, Hà managed to catch both the Khan’s eye and his ear. She became his favorite companion… and his advisor. Some people even said she bewitched the ruler.

In a time when women were very limited, she often disguised herself as a young man to not only travel alone but to extend her court standing. This ended with the Khan’s death in 1294, he was much older than Trang.

Hà’s first death came when she was murdered by the Khan’s replacement, who claimed she was a witch.

Awaking in a mass grave she fled to the countryside and over the years discovered who she truly was… Raising through power by gaining quickening on young immortals like herself and unsuspecting pre immortals.

Underestimate Hà at your own peril.