Frannie grew up in a home with a mother with a cold heart and an acidic tongue. She sought solace with her father in his workshop where it seemed that he was giving her twice as much love to make up for what her mother didn't provide. She graduated High School, and continued on to college where she met Jess. The pair dated for quite some time before she ended up getting pregnant with his child. After she told him, she realized that she no longer loved him, and tried to spread her wings, but Captain Tripps clipped her feathers.

The superflu took her mother, Jess, all her friends, but most importantly it took her biggest love in her life, her father. Frannie buried him in his garden and soon found she was not the only survivor in Ongunquit Maine. The only other person who seemed immune to Captain Tripps was Harold Lauder, little brother of her best friend Amy.

Swallowing her dislike for the boy Frannie agreed to leave Ongunquit and head west searching for others still alive. They packed up a pair of bikes and began their long trek.

On the road, they met several people including Stu Redman who she could not help but fall in love with. Once they arrived in Boulder, Frannie and Stu moved in together. He was a good man who was happy to raise the coming baby with her.

Unfortunately, Harold planted a bomb in their home, destroying it, killing many of their friends and causing her to lose the baby.