Faith was the sunshine of her parents' lives. She was adopted as a baby by David and Clara Edwards. Faith was 3 when she got sick and lost her hearing. Her parents grieved believing that their daughter would forever be locked out of the world. But she was stronger then that. She quickly picked up the talent for reading lips and learned sign language at the daycare she attended. Faith had too much fire to let losing her hearing hold her back. When it came time to start school, the staff at the local elementary said that they didn't think that it would be good for Faith to attend there since they didn't have the tools available to teach a deaf person. Faith, who was sitting right there by her parents, stood up and, speaking carefully so that she would be understood, said that she didn't think she should go there either since she didn't have the tools to learn from a stupid person. That was Faith at 6 years old.

Faith attended a private school her elementary school years. She was quick to learn and her teachers all raved that she was a great asset in the class since she was always helping her classmates. None of the children ever treated her different or made fun of her, because they just didn't see her as different. She went on to high school and continued her talent for getting others to see her as her and not as deaf. She was on the student council. She was named Valedictorian of her graduation class.

But she never got a chance to make her speech. At the time of graduation, most of the town was ill. Faith cared for her parents until they died. She buried them herself and after realizing that no one else in town was alive, she prepared to leave. She packed a few personal items, food and water into her mother's car. Faith didn't have a license but she figured that there were no cops to stop her for driving. She was 3 days from home when she was attacked. A man came out of the woods at a rest stop while she was eating. He grabbed her from behind and overpowered her. After beating her to the point of unconsciousness, he stole her car, leaving her on the side of the road for dead.