Born in Hungary sometime during the mid-400's A.D., Demetrius Izidor Sebestyen was one of twenty-nine children: eleven from his mother and the remainder from his father's other wives. From his birth it was clear something was usual about the boy. It began when a man appeared demanding the see the boy. Demetrius' father, Oszkar, refused and the stranger warned if he could not see the child, he would call lightening. Once again, Oszkar said no and the stranger shows him lightening in the palm of his hand. Seeing the great power this stranger held, Oszkar did as asked and brought forth his oldest son. The man asked to take the boy away and despite Demetrius' mother's wails and cries, Oszkar agreed taking heavy sum in return.

Seven years passed and Demetrius returned, no longer a boy but a man of Nineteen years of age. With him came the stranger, Ansari, who was now more a father to Demetrius than his own. The change could be seen by each member of his family. Demetrius was now fearless and looked at danger as if it was mere sport. His biological father took pride in his new son and gave him many gifts that the other sons did not receive. The jealousy began to form.

When their homestead was attacked the following year, Demetrius and his brothers fought off a massive attack from the Locnard Clan. All sustained wounds, but Demetrius' were far the worst. He continued to fight although a dagger hung from his stomach and eventually collapsed from the blood lost. When the fight was through his brother, Laurentius, went to his side. He swore his older brother was dead. The very wind in his lungs had ceased but by the time their mother made it to his side, Demetrius' eyes had opened and once more, he breathed. Laurentius, jaded by endless jealousy, believed it to be the work of evil spirits, however, their mother claimed it was a sign from the Gods. Demetrius was blessed.

Their father's wounds grew worst each day and five days after the battle, he died leaving his land, the children and his wife in the care of Demetrius. The surviving children of his mother nine brothers and one sister, looked to Demetrius for guidance. He, being the oldest son, took the responsibility on with pride. When word came that the Locnard's had attacked a neighboring clan just weeks after they slaughtered his father. Demetrius road into their camp and fought until every last one of the Locnard Clan was dead. The neighboring Clan was amazed by the man's ability to take blow after blow and bare no scars. The head Clansmen offered the dark haired warrior any woman of the clan he wished to be his bride. Without a moments thought, Demetrius picked his bride. Her name was Marietta. She was a nature child born into a small, poor and humble family but her beauty was amazing. She eyes were a sharp violent and her hair, a fair shade of brown. He had been warned by Ansari that he should never take a wife, but this warning was forgotten as Marietta's beauty won over Demetrius' heart.

Marietta had no choice in the marriage but never once complained. Demetrius was a well respected man, being both handsome and more wealthy then most. Their family clan grew as each of his brother's also took a bride, with the exception of Laurentius, and in turn, each had children of his own within two years of coming of age. Marietta never grew any larger than her trim figure. Each of the brothers began to question if their oldest brother, Demetrius, was honoring his vows of marriage by consummation and when the second oldest, Laurentius, finally approached him on the matter, Demetrius refused to answer. Laurentius, a man who had always been jealous of Demetrius', declared once more his brother was aligned with evil spirits.

Sick of his rantings, Demetrius confronted his brother and told him if his disruptions did not stop, he would be shunned from the clan, however the seed was already planted and Marietta began to believe it was she who could not bare a child. She came to Demetrius pleading with him to take a second wife and dismiss her, but he once more declared his love for his bride and asked her to stay with him. That very night, Demetrius' mother died in her sleep and a realization set in: He now understood the warning from his teacher about falling in love: Marietta would also one day die. Heart broken by the very thought, Demetrius began to spend as much time with her as he could knowing every day was too short. Marietta became enchanted once again with her husband yet she could not remove the thoughts of their childless life out of her mind.

Laurentius allowed a year to pass before he once more began to question Marietta. Despite his fear of his brother's blade, he wanted the land, the clan and his brother's bride for his own. Repeatedly each day Laurentius would remind Marietta of her short comings and told her to run away with him and leave Demetrius to a new life where he could marry 'a fit woman.' Laurentius' plan back fired. Marietta, guilt ridden, threw herself into the river and drown leaving behind only a note for her husband that explained her self hate that was brought on by never being able to bare him a child. Grief stricken, Demetrius retreated into his own world as he began to wish he had only told her it was he who could not bare children, not her. It was not until his sister, Clara, came to him with the reason why Marietta had done what she did that the tables turned. Clara loved Demetrius with all her heart and could not bare seeing her brother and leader in this state. She told him of Laurentius' acts and that very night, Demetrius slit Laurentius' throat while he slept.

His other brothers remained in the clan out of a mixture of loyalty and fear and Clara never married, always staying by her brother's side. And so was Ansari. With little joy left at home, Demetrius began a quest for more land. His army grew with each passing victory and overtime, his name became known far and wide.

Men did not live much past the age of forty at the time so it was odd when Demetrius showed no signs of aging and began to out live even his youngest of brothers. Clara, who was now in her late thirties, was the only one brave enough to question her brother. Demetrius told her everything about his immortality, yet, Clara accepted him as he was. It wasn't for another thirty years that Clara succumb to old age, dying in her brother's arms. To her dying day she called him 'big brother', despite him never aging.

It was after this that Ansari seemed to change... he grew tired of conquest, of war. He asked Demetrius to stop and convinced him to come with him to Rome, to see how others lived. Demetrius reluctantly agreed. The Romans learned of his presence and offered a great proposition - help them defeat Greece and form an alliance. He agreed much to Ansari's dismay.

Ansari begged him not to join them, but Demetrius would not listen. That night, Ansari disappeared. The battle that followed did not go as planned and the Romans pulled their forces back, leaving Demetrius' people not room to withdraw. Countless men were killed. Following that day, his Kingdom went into decline.

He spent most of the next few hundred years battling immortals and taking high posts in the many armies of Europe. No one questioned his ability to fight to the death and live every time because he was never in one place long enough.

Demetrius fought in many wars, too many now to recall. He did not come to American until the 1800s. In no time, he was on the battle field once more fighting with the Union army during the Civil War. He fought in W.W.I, W.W.II, and Saudi Arabia, each time joining under a different first name and the assumption he was the son of the name he used before.

During the 1980s, Demetrius landed a job in the CIA because of his language skills. He worked decoding coded messages from other countries. He caught news of the plague early on via a message that came across his desk. He did not show for work the next day, but instead headed out of DC to the mountains in Pennsylvania to wait out the trauma that was sure to follow. He found rest impossible due to unending dreams and nightmares. Compelled to head westward, he set out on a motorcycle and planned to go it alone.

He met several people on the road and made the choice to follow them to Boulder, Colorado where he now lives with Quinn and Nema, a small black lab puppy he adopted. There he was reunited with his former teacher, Ansari, now going by his birth name, Naphtali.