Orphaned at 5, Daniel was raised in DSS custody. He was shuffled around in foster care without much in the way of adult role models. He suffered some abuse as a child which lead to him studying art and human resources in college on scholarship and work study.

He received Masters in Social Work and began a role where he oversaw the placement of abused and homeless children.

He is a professional artist on the side as well as a recovering alcoholic with 4 years sobriety.

He met and married another social worker, Annalisa, while working with a homeless shelter where she was the on-site social worker for battered women.

She died during the plague after suffering through violent dreams of Flagg, which Daniel did not share and could not understand it became a conflict between them and he feels a lot of guilt at not believing her before she died and feeling that he couldn't help her.

He made his way to Boulder and became a member of the community.