Born on the Reservation in Idaho, Dakota was named for the Dakota tribe - the word Dakota meaning 'Ally' because his father believed he was a born friend. Dakota spent most of his time reading and studying to become a history teacher when he graduated from high school. He never left the res and never intended to. He never asked for more although he had never even seen a movie in a theater or even been to a real 'super' market.

In early June, his people began to get sick and die and one by one, they did. He was left alone with the task of burying the dead. His religion would not let him leave the land until that duty was done. It took him most of June because of the physical and emotional strains, but he saw it through and started out on the road alone in early July.

On the road, he met Shauna, an immortal and together they safely made it to Boulder, Colorado where he now lives.