Alice Jacks was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1987 to Aaron and Tina Jacks. Her father was a funeral home director, her mother an artist, therefore she grew up around death and was encouraged to embrace who she is and what she loves. It was a combination that made her life happy, but really hard to make friends. She was the weird kid that lived with dead people. Until the second grade, when she met Corey and Laura.

The trio became fast friends and were inseparable ever after. She attended school at a private academy, earned straight A’s, and she participated in several extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, horseback riding, archery, theater, and surprisingly, cheerleading (her size made her the perfect flyer).

Outside of school she was part of several afterschool clubs, and a horror club with Corey, Laura, and Alice’s boyfriend, Cash, who joined their close knit group after transferring schools their freshman year. But her favorite thing was bow hunting with her dad. She’d started going hunting with him when she was six years old, with her mom's encouragement.

Alice had plenty of experience with death, living in a home that doubled as a funeral home, but her mom said she should learn about life and death in nature, or else how would she navigate the world on her own some day? Just the year before Captain Trips, she’d got her first buck. Her dad had been so proud of her. That was what she missed most, hunting with her dad.

She’d been alone in Boulder since June, when her parents died, and then Corey and Laura. Alice had buried both of her friends by herself. Their own parents had been dead by then, and it didn’t feel right to Alice to just leave them. And Cash had been in California, she didn’t even know if he was dead or alive. Could he have survived, like her? She would have gone to try and find him, but Mother Abigail came to her in a dream and told her to wait for her, and the man in her nightmares scared her, so she stayed in Boulder, and was once more the loner, living with dead people - this time in her memories.