Aidan is the fourth born child of Gabriel and Anna Brooks. With her father in the Air Force, Aidan grew up all over the place on bases throughout the world. Such a life exposed her to different cultures and languages and instilled in her a sense of duty and wonder. Though her parents both were busy Aidan had a loving and close relationship with each of them, as well as her older brothers who tended to dote on her as the baby.

Aidan and each of her older brothers all ended up joining the armed forces with Aidan and Joseph, the two youngest, following their father into the Air Force (the eldest Michael joined the Navy, albeit as a pilot, and the second eldest, Ryan, joined the Army Rangers).

Interested in being career military Aidan graduated from the Air Force Academy with a degree in aviation and a rank of Second Lieutenant. She continued her training becoming a full fledged pilot, and rose through the ranks with quiet efficiency.

On a personal level she dated, albeit not often, with most men not meeting the standards she had set based off of the men in her life. The fact that Don't Ask Don't Tell was in effect meant her attraction to women was not compatible with her career so she tried not to give her feelings too much attention.

Her skills as a pilot coupled with the fact that she was not only a female but also conventionally attractive got her on the fast track to join the Air Force demo team the Thunderbirds. Nothing looked quite as good to some superiors as making her a poster girl so the could win diversity points. Aidan simply wanted to fly, but becoming a role model for other little girls appealed as well, so she was all too happy to follow along and by 2012 she was in her second season as a pilot, third overall, with the team. Ostensibly she was stationed at Nellis AFB in Nevada, but the team traveled enough that she didn't consider herself much of a resident of Las Vegas.

The team completed a show in Dayton OH, albeit just barely with half the team having come down with flu like symptoms. It was decided to give a day or two of rest before they were to fly back to Nellis but then air travel, even for them, became restricted and the team was stuck. Slowly her friends and teammates each succumbed to the strange flu while Aidan remained healthy. Complicating matters were the dreams she was having...

Eventually it seemed everyone in Dayton but Aidan was dead and so she struck out westward - ostensibly to see if her parents were still alive in Colorado...though she thought it wouldn't hurt to stop in Nebraska along the way.

Things happened on the road, people were encountered and the less said about that time the better. All in all between the people and the dreams Aidan suddenly wasn't so keen on heading even to Boulder - no matter what this 'Mother Abigail' promised she would find there. But, before she could turn and head in a different direction she met a small group of people lead by two men. They were friendly and more importantly not insane (even if they claimed to be Immortal...a claim that was backed up by some impressive healing abilities she had to admit) and just as nervous about heading to Boulder as she was. She decided what the hell and threw her lot in with them. In the least a group would offer more protection that being on her own would. And protection was something she knew she might need given what her dreams of Vegas were telling her...