Phineas was adopted in 1989 by Gregory and Janine Price of Phoenix, Arizona. He had an uneventful childhood, if you can call going to all the best and most expensive schools and vacationing in Paris or Rio in the summer, and The Swiss Alps in the winter, uneventful. It was a bit lonely though he didn’t have friends really, just people that he knew, something he learned from his parents, who he saw when he would return home from boarding school.

The kids at school called him F.P. which Phineas begrudgingly accepted - the fact that they had no desire to learn that his name wasn’t spelled with an F was frustrating, but it was better than being called P.P.

When Captain Trips hit, 13 year old Phin was traveling home from school. Neither of his parents were at the airport when his plane landed, and they weren’t answering the phone. He got a cab to their home outside of Phoenix. The gates to the long driveway were shut and no one was answering when he buzzed and the guard house hut was empty. Frustrated, he climbed a nearby tree in an attempt to reach the top of the fence and climb over, but when he got to the top his foot slipped and he lost his grip. His fingers brushed the branch he was reaching for and then he was falling. He felt his an excruciating snap when he hit the ground, and he lay there, unable to move, and out of the corner of his eye he saw blood spreading out on the ground, and he must’ve passed out, because when he came to some time later he sat up, unharmed, unable to explain to himself why there was so much blood on the ground.