I was born on January 18, 1918 in the city of Milan Italy. My mother Carmina was an actress/model and my father Enrico a Rabbi. Despite their radically different backgrounds they loved each other deeply and our home was a warm and happy place, the ideal life to grow up with. Until the War, that is, until Hitler. Throughout the late 30s more and more restrictions had been placed upon our people, those of the Jewish religion/culture. We might not have lived in Germany but Mussolini was more than willing to go along with Hitler,s wishes and so we were treated to the same rules as many Jews across Europe.

Rules are easy to live with, for at least you are living - in 1943 though even we Italian Jews were made to die.

Upon arrival in Auschwitz my parents were both sent to the gas chamber, in a way I am glad they did not have to suffer the long grueling hours of work, the vile living conditions, the diseases,the beatings. That is how I died my first death, beaten by an SS Guard for 'talking back' sometime in late 1943. No one paid my body any attention and so no one noticed when I came back to life. I hardly noticed it myself, I just returned to the regimen of life at camp. The only change I noticed was the fact that my sores would heal faster and the beatings hurt less.

Everything changed the day he came - my savior, my hero, my soul mate, my Vanya. Ivan Alexeivich Nikolaev the first Immortal I ever met and the kindest person I have ever known. He was among the Soviet troops that liberated the camp that cold day in January. Though we did not speak much of each other's languages we understood one another perfectly. I went with him back to Saint Petersburg where he nursed me back to health and taught me everything I needed to know as an Immortal. But more importantly he taught me how to live again and how to trust and love.

We traveled for a while, paid homage to my departed family, lived. In the last few years we had been living off of some profits made from the stock exchange but Ivan thought I should do more with my life, 'share my beauty' he said. I laughed, but eventually gave in. I became a model in the late 90's - you may have seen me on a cover or two - all of my money from this job went to Holocaust Memorial Funds, as a portion of our stock funds had been doing for 50 years. Life was good again, of course it all came crashing to a halt once more not by war but by sickness.

We were in the United States - land of the free and home of the brave, home of the Super Flu as well it would seem. Our vacation is apparently over now, the world around us dead, a wasteland, it reminds me of the past in a way, I am however a survivor and I will survive this as well.

After going it alone for two weeks we finally met some other survivors - mortals at that - on July 14th. At first we didn't tell them of immortality, but that lasted only a day before another Immortal threatened the life of one of the members of the party, forcing Ivan to fight - and expose what we are. They took it well enough I suppose - it's not easy to wrap your mind around the concept I admit.

Two new Immortals joined our party just before we reached Mother Abigail's. Upon first glance, for those who judge by appearance, you would trust the wrong one of the pair. Leland seemed nice on the outside but that appearance masked an evil spirit. Demetrius on the other hand appeared to be what some would almost call a savage...Ivan saw something else and all but adopted the surly Hun.

It has been only days since they met, but Demetrius has blossomed under Ivan's friendship. I am reminded time and time again how extraordinary a person the man I love is.

Vanya proposed to me on our last night on the homestead, that came as a complete and total surprise. I haven't seen him so nervous since the first time he told me he loved me. So now we are to be married, and soon I imagine. Sadie says it will bring people hope... I pray she is correct. We could use some hope right now.