1168 AD, England - Eloise is born into a wealthy family. Much of her life is spent being groomed for her future husband. In a time when marriages are arranged without consultation to the intended bride, Eloise fought tooth and nail against such a thing, refusing every suitor her parents considered.

1185, Dutchy of Aquataine, France - While at court in France, 17 year old Eloise caught the eye of Richard Plantagenet. Richard would be crowned King when his father, Henry II, passes away in three years.

September 1190, Sicily - Arrives in Sicily with Richard and King Phillip II of France, who has joined the Crusades with his friend.

May 12, 1191, Limassol, Cyprus - Richard marries Princess Berengaria of Navarre, first-born daughter of King Sancho VI of Navarre. A devastated Eloise watches the ceremony – she had known the day would come but hoped nonetheless that her love would refuse the union in favor of her.

June 1191, Acre - After Richard's successful siege of the city, Eloise joins him there. Their reunion is not as happy as it should have been, as Richard is saddened by the desertion of King Phillip and a falling out with King Leopold V of Austria.

Spring-Autumn, 1192, Acre - Richard's wife, Berengaria, having been aware of the affair with the young Eloise, was tolerant until her husband sent for the young woman to join him in Jaffa. The Queen took advantage of her husband's absence and saw to Eloise's removal. Charges were brought upon Eloise as a spy for the infidels. The Knights Templar took her into custody, where she was tortured. King Richard, in Jaffa, could do nothing to stop it when news was given to him of the events the affair itself only served to condemn her. Though Richard had taken Jaffa, his subsequent march south to take Jerusalem is abandoned when he realizes that even if he took the city he could not hold it. Eloise, awaiting a trial she is sure to lose and knowing her lover can do naught to save her, is killed in her cell by John Mauteby, a Templar Knight, and more importantly an Immortal.

1192-1198 - Mauteby takes Eloise away. They reside in England, where John tells Eloise of Immortals, the Game, and he teaches her to defend herself.

April 1199, Fontevrault Abbey, France - Eloise and John are there when King Richard I is put to rest after his death from an infectious wound. She and her teacher depart company at this time, as John wants to return to the Crusades. Eloise, in retaliation to what was done to her, returns also. This time as a spy for the infidels. During this time Eloise meets Immortal Haresh Clay, who takes over where Mauteby left off, becoming her teacher, and after a time, her lover.

Friday, October 13, 1307, France - All the Knights Templar in France are arrested by agents of Philip the Fair, tortured into admitting heresy and executed. As Philip's lover, Eloise was sure to have had a hand in the coming of this. After, it was speculated that Philip did it to gain the Templar riches. But Philip never touched the treasures Eloise disappeared with them before he could.

1320 through the 1800’s - In 1320 while in Italy, as the mistress to Mondino de Luzzi, Eloise began what would become a lifelong interest in medicine. As a woman, she wasn’t allowed to attend classes at the University of Bologna, so she studied every text that de Luzzi would bring her. Her life from that moment on was dedicated to medicine she would learn wherever she could, even going so far as to cut off all her hair and dress as a man. Throughout this time she was a field medic during wars, a midwife, a healer.

Crossing the Atlantic aboard the RMS Titanic, 1912 – Eloise, always up for an adventure, booked passage on the unsinkable ship. In the ensuing sinking, Eloise gives up her seat on a lifeboat, knowing it would make no difference if she stayed on the doomed ship. The experience caused her to develop a slight fear of not just boats, but of large bodies of water.

2002, Astoria, Oregon - Eloise was living a quiet life in Astoria, running a small medical practice and working on call at the emergency department at Columbia Memorial Hospital. When Captain Trips hit, Eloise worked nonstop, trying to save her patients, to no avail.