Amelia Guérin was born in Calais France on the 8th of June 1714 she was the eldest of six children to be born to François and Charlotte Guérin, it was readily apparent that Amelia had inherited her mother’s beauty as well as her charm, Amelia from the age where she could walk assisted her mother in raising her five siblings, which was seen as good training for when she too became a mother.

In June 1722 Amelia met the man whom she was betrothed to, a Spaniard named Felipe Lorenzo, who was quite a charming young man, Felipe was the youngest son of a wealthy Spanish family, and was considered to be an ideal match for Amelia, who considered Felipe to be the exact opposite to what she wanted to marry, but she wasn’t the sort of person to defy her father who adamant that the Lorenzo and the Guérin families be united together and as such she had little or no choice but to two weeks after her 14th birthday become Mrs Felipe Lorenzo.

On the 22nd of June 1728, Amelia Guérin married Felipe Lorenzo in Madrid, she had spent most of her time since the arranged marriage had been formalized learning to speak Spanish, their wedding was a grand and opulent event, so highly respected in Spain was the Lorenzo family the King Felipe the 5th of Spain and Elisabeth Farnese the Queen Consort of Spain were in attendance.

The marriage between Felipe and Amelia Lorenzo was at the beginning quite turbulent as Felipe who was equally displeased at the arrangement did his best to spend as little time with Amelia as possible, however this changed in 1729 when Amelia nursed Felipe back to health after a riding accident left him badly injured, but despite their best efforts Amelia could not fall pregnant to Felipe and not for a lack of trying which put quite a lot of strain on their ever troublesome marriage.

In June 1732 Felipe abandoned Amelia and left for the Caribbean and the island of Cube, and set up residence there, Amelia remained in residence at their home in Madrid, but was cut off from most aspects of Spanish society, and grew increasingly bored and frustrated, her in-laws were far from helpful.

In 1735 Felipe returned from the Caribbean a failure, to find Amelia had him declared dead as had his parents, after word reached Spain that the Juanita, his Brigantine had been sunk in a storm off Santo Domingo, and that Amelia had since remarried a Spanish gentleman of leisure named Juan Montoya.

In June 1738 Amelia was travelling in a carriage through a majestic part of the Spanish countryside with her maid when the carriage they were in overturned killing the maid and coachman instantly, and Amelia died soon after at the scene, their bodies were not found for several hours, by which time all involved in the accident had died.

An Immortal Javier Pissarro found Amelia newly buried in a local cemetery where she along with the maid and coachman had been buried, Javier Pissarro took her on as his protégé, and it was he that ensured that Amelia learned the rules of the game, as well as how to wield a sword and protect herself if challenged by an Immortal, a valuable lesson she soon put to good use, when she encountered an Immortal named Claudia Agostini, who became Amelia’s first Quickening in 1737.

Amelia travelled the globe between 1743 and 1780, she visited Prussia (her mother’s homeland), Poland, Russia, Greece, Italy, during her time in these country she took twelve Quickenings, and finally found herself in the city of Constantinople capital of the Ottoman Empire in April 1780, where she met Hişam Tuzmen, an Immortal who claimed her as a slave and his concubine, Hişam was new to the Immortal game and thus his ownership of Amelia enabled him to remain her protégé.

Amelia and Hişam remained together for the best part of the next 60 years, both as master and slave, and then as husband and wife, Amelia converted to Islam and adopted the name Fatima in 1797, and married Hişam in 1798, their marriage lasted until 1840, when Amelia beheaded Hişam taking his Quickening and quite a sizable part of his fortune and she fled the Ottoman Empire bound for western Europe.

During the period 1846 to 1870 Amelia resided in England under the name Elisabeth Pritchard, where she found work as a prostitute, which resulted in several stints in prison, but none the less she made a small fortune off of it, and in 1870 she ‘retired’ from the life of a whore and sought a new life outside of Britain, she contemplated moves to Canada or to the United States of America, or to France, in the end she returned to Spain, the country that she had not seen since she left after her First Death.

Amelia spent little more than 2 years in Spain before she disappeared, before reappearing in Vienna in 1886, with the name Anika Maier, she was the trophy wife of Anton Maier, an Austro-Hungarian count, she remained there in the inner circle of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1906, when Anton Maier died aged 88, she removed herself from the court but remained in the Empire until it collapsed after the First World War ended.

Amelia left Vienna bound for France, but the war had left much of France in a ruinous state, so she seized on an opportunity to relocate to a corner of the world she'd never visited, the United States of America, where she setup home for herself in Boston Massachusetts, where she owned a hotel (in secret).

The Great Depression had a major impact on Amelia's business but it survived all of the tough times, and began to flourish once the depression came to an end, at which time Amelia cashed in her chips and made a sizable fortune. Amelia relocated to San Francisco in 1936, where she began studying medicine, more specifically nursing.

When the Empire of Japan attacked the United States on December 7th 1941, Amelia joined the war effort as a Nurse, and continued to serve with the US forces in the Pacific until Japan surrendered in 1945.

During the period 1945-48 Amelia toured war ravaged Japan, she met several Immortals, but the one that had the biggest impact on her was the venerable Masaharu Iwate Morrimoto, a famed sword maker who before she left Japan to return to the USA in 1948 presented Amelia with a unique gift, her sword, an 18th century Light Cavalry sword with a unique Samurai sword style blade.

Amelia upon her return from Japan settled in Oregon, where she remained for the period 1949-75, she owned a motel and a brothel, which proved to be very successful, and in 1975 she decided it was time to move on, and as such she sold the motel and the brothel (separately) for a lot of money.

In 1976 Amelia relocated to Los Angeles California where she got a job working for a high end provider of call girls, and continued to work for the agency until the Superflu hit in 2002, she was earning far too much money to quit the life as it provided her with all that she could need/want.

When the Superflu hit in 2002 Amelia was accompanying a filthy rich man on a trip to Phoenix Arizona, she survived unscathed, and yet her client, who was a pig died relatively quickly. Surviving the health crisis didn't worry Amelia, but the dreams of some old woman worried her, as she'd never had anything like them before.