Character's Fully Name: Tobias Ailene Brodrick

Aliases: Ailene Craig, Tobias Miller

Played By: JP

Character Type: Immortal

Apparent Age: Mid to Late 20s

Actual Age: 76

Sex: Male

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Residence: New York City

Nationality: He was born in NYC in 1924

Distinguishing characteristics: Fair skinned, with dark hair and dark eyes. He has very chiseled looking features, shorter and thinner than most men his apparent age.

Occupation: He does various jobs for private investigators but always insists on being paid in cash under the table. As far as records go, he does not exist.

Knows about Watchers: No

Skills: Very analytical and observant. Always manages to get to the bottom of things going unnoticed.

Limitations: Plagued with black thoughts of his own death and underestimates himself.

Personality: Very quiet, keeps to himself but do not let that fool you. Tobias is very intelligent and observant. He finds it hard to trust others and to love anyone for his fear of losing them as he did the rest of his family.

History: Born in the mountains of New York State, his family moved to New York City before he was 7. His father found work there as an underpaid investigator for the NYPD and his mother died during the birth of their second child who did not live to see his first birthday. Never quite recovering from the lost, his father lost touch with reality and buried himself in his work leaving Tobias often to fend for himself.

During his teen years in the 1940s, Tobias worked for his father shadowing people and finding out things a highly recognized man such as his father could not. Unfortunately, his father was later killed during a mob related investigation which to this day goes unsolved. Tobias lost everything he owned, including his home.

During the great depression that followed, the entire city was in shambles. However, Tobias found comfort in friends he made in a smoke filled night club in Harlem. Eventually, he took the beatnik movement as a chance to blend in and move in with the Harlem jazz musicians, his now only family. His idol quickly became Jack Kerouac and like Kerouac, he aimed to die young living recklessly. He believed he had little to live for.

In his late 20s, Tobias was stabbed attempting to break up a fight between a close friend of his, Melvin and an unknown man, white of race, who began the fight by shouting racists terms on the open street. As Tobias fell to the floor in pain, the man ran, scarred of the consequences. Knowing he did not have the money to take his wounded friend to the hospital, Melvin took him to a friend of his who acted as a doctor for the poor people of Harlem. The doctor knew the wound was serious and that Tobias would be dead by morning, but morning came and went and Tobias lived, somehow unaffected. Finding it unexplainable, Melvin simply took it as a sign from God that his friend should live and continued on to do great things. However, Tobias saw it as a curse as he watched his friends age before his eyes, never once changing himself.

Once Melvin and his family were gone, Tobias took up odd jobs for Private Investigators in turn for money under the table or information on his father's murder, making sure to never stay in the same place for long. To this day, he remains alone, friendless and familyless to avoid the pain of losing another.

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