Character's full name: Shauna Lynn Anderson

Aliases: Lynn Carson, Elizabeth Webster

Played By: Mary

Character Type: Immortal

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

True age: 75 yrs

Apparent age: 28

Sex: F

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Nationality: American

Distinguishing characteristics: Beautiful smile

Any other languages: Japanese, German, French, and Spanish.

Personality: Shauna is a pretty happy person most of the time. She likes people, loves learning new things, and just enjoying life as an immortal.

Any special skills?: (ie, Knows martial arts, is a swordsmith, is a mage. ST's reserve the right to limit this.) Knows Hapkido and Aikido martial arts. She is one hell of a cook.

History: Shauna was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on June 14, 1926. Her parents were very loving. Her childhood was a normal one. Shauna was attacked by the local bully at the park one day when she was ten. A beautiful woman stopped them and helped to clean her up. Her parents were so happy they invited the woman to stay as Shauna had taken to the beautiful woman. Her name was Cassandra and she stayed there for a week. She took Shauna to several places and told her wonderful stories of a child that was born on the winter solstice. Stories of how he had grown up to be an honorable, handsome man and how he was going to defeat a great evil.

All the stories were great, except the one of the Four Horsemen, especially of the one called Death. That one gave Shauna nightmares, but Cassandra held her and spoke gently to her, telling her that it was a story and stories can't hurt people. Her voice was so soothing that Shauna never had another nightmare.

In her high school years, her parents began to go out of town more often. They were part of some organization that studied people. They didn't talk about it much. Shauna thought it was some African tribe that they where studying or something, but never asked as she was working hard to go to college she wanted to be a schoolteacher for elementary children.

Two weeks after graduating from college Shauna's parents were involved in an auto accident. They were seriously injured. Her father was the worst. He was so concerned about his job as he didn't want anyone taking his assignment. Shauna learned then what her parents really did for a living and that the tattoos where not some college stunt. They were Watchers of Immortals. When they finished explaining, she knew that Cassandra was an Immortal from the stories she had told but didn't mention this to her parents.

Wishing to see her father get better, she started to Watch her father's assignment. Kazunori Tsukemo was a 1000 year old Immortal. He was tall for a Japanese man, standing at 5'7" and weighing 190 pounds. In feudal Japan, he was a giant and feared. He was a legend. Of course he had changed his name many times. His complexion was fair enough that he was considered half-Japanese and half-white. He was a master of the sword. Shauna met him at a party. They became friends, never telling her parents. Then they became lovers and finally married. She couldn't tell them what she had done and he knew of the Watchers. He had noticed her father and learned of what he was. Kazunori had a home on the Sierra Mountains and wanted to live there in peace for a while.

The day Shauna went to tell her parents that she was leaving they were killed in an attack, assassinated. Shauna arrived as the assassin left out the back. Her father told her that she was adopted and that he loved her very much. He died in her arms. Her mother was already dead. The day after the funeral, Kazunori disappeared for three days. When he returned, he said they were avenged and could rest now.

Kazunori and Shauna lived for two years on the Sierra mountains. He had told her after two months that she was a pre-Immortal. He decided that he would continue her training of the katana and several other weapons. He taught her more of the Game and what it meant to be an Immortal. They also agreed that on her 35th birthday that he would kill her so that she would grow no older. In this, she would still be young and very skilled. This never came to be.

On the night of their second wedding anniversary, six men took them captive. They had tattoos, they were Yakusa. They were evil men waiting for their leader. So to entertain themselves, they raped Shauna repeatedly for nearly 24 hours. She was close to death from the rape and beatings. They had killed Kazunori repeatedly so that he could do nothing to stop them. Their leader arrived just as Kazunori revived. He explained that her husband could not be allowed to live and that, unfortunately, Shauna couldn't either because she had seen their faces. Kazunori yelled that the man was an immortal.

The immortal took the katana off the wall and took Kanzunori's head. Shauna broke free and feel at her husband's body, crying. Then his Quickening began to flow. It was powerful and started to rip through the house. It was so strong and forceful that the immortals men ran, fearing for their lives. They never saw how it wrapped itself around Shauna lovingly and then ripped through her heart. It spoke to her of great love and dreams, of honor and revenge. She died there with her husband. The rest of the quickening shot through the immortal and the house. The shock of it was so strong that it broke the skylight. A shard of glass fell down just as the immortal head flew back from the pain he was feeling. Taking his head off as if fell.

Shauna awoke to find that this had not been a so distant dream. She buried her husband on the mountain he so loved. The house with the immortals body she set on fire letting it burn to the ground. She left the life she had come to know in 1952.

Shauna found herself a very rich woman thanks to her late husband. She put away over half the money and invested some of what was left. She took the remainder and started to locate the men that had been with the immortal that attacked her. Shauna located the men, one every year, and did to them what they had done to her with the same amount of men. Then when the men she hired had been gone for an hour, she would go in and look at the man, never speaking. When he realized who she was, she would kill him by taking his head.

After eight years since the death of her husband and herself, all the men that were involved were now dead. Shauna visited Kazunori's gravesite every year always leaving a single rose behind. She traveled around the world -- to over twenty cities. In half of them, she was forced to take heads of Immortals that could have taken hers so easily if not for the training of her late husband.

Shauna settled in Portland, Oregon and opened an import/export store in the early seventies. She did well then in the nineties she closed shop and moved back home to Cheyenne. There she opened another import/export shop as well as an antique store. Things where going well until Captain Tripps hit and killed all but two mortals. But they where not the types she wanted to be with and so she left one night heading for Colorado, Denver as that was the direction the road was is taking her.

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