Sandra Leigh Miller

Character's Full Name: Sandra Miller

Created By: Mal

Character Type: Mortal

Apparent Age: 28

Actual Age: 28

Sex: Female

Height: 5'7''

Nationality: American

Any Travel Companions or close friends:  Danny Pazzo

Distinguishing characteristics: Abdominal scar from an emergency hysterectomy.

Any other languages: Spanish

Personality: Tough, disciplined and focused, with a quirky sense of humor. As a cop, Sandy was dedicated to the job, spending her entire career on patrol rather than rise through the ranks. While she had her share of boyfriends, none of them could handle her commitment to the badge.

Any special skills: Law enforcement, highly skilled motorcycle rider, basketball

1974 – Born in Louisville, Kentucky to a working class family. Sandy’s father worked in a motorcycle repair shop, but eventually opened his own Harley-Davidson dealership. Sandy’s parents had a good marriage, and she was very close to her older brother Charles.

1991 – During Sandy’s senior year of High School, she and Charles were on the way home from a basketball game when a drunk driver swerved into their lane and struck their car head-on. Charles was killed instantly, and Sandy was seriously injured. Sandy was rushed to the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery, including a hysterectomy.

1992 - Sandy managed to finish her coursework while recuperating from her injuries, and graduated on time. Although she was devastated by her brother’s death, the accident inspired her to become a cop. She joined the Louisville Metro P.D. after graduation, and ultimately became a motorcycle officer.

The Plague – When people started dying, Sandy stood tall with her fellow officers, doing her best to serve and protect even when the world unraveled around her. Unfortunately, the plague weakened Metro. Officers that didn’t contract the plague were assaulted and killed by criminals taking advantage of the lapse in police coverage.

Sandy and a few of her friends managed to hole up at the station, but the plague took them one by one until she was alone. She began having dreams of an old black woman living in a cornfield, and set out for Nebraska.

On the road, Sandy met an Immortal named Bkumba Djambe and his companion, twelve year old Danny Pazzo. A day later, the three were ambushed by a gang of Aryansled by a man named Bulldog.

Although Sandy and Bkumba could easily have fought their way free, doing so would have endangered Danny. Sandy and Bkumba willingly submitted to slavery to protect Danny, and bide their time until they found a way to escape.

During their captivity, Sandy sacrificed her dignity to protect Danny. Fortunately, Bulldog and his men were easy to manipulate, and she managed to keep herself and her companions relatively healthy and fed.

After several weeks, an Immortal named Noah Arnaud arrived, inadvertently creating the opportunity they had been waiting for. Sandy, Bkumba and Noah managed to kill most of Bulldog’s gang, allowing the erstwhile prisoners to escape.

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