Royce Flynn

Character's Full Name: Royce Flynn

Created By: Mallory

AKAs: Robert Finnegan

Character Type: Immortal

Apparent Age: 25

Actual Age: 327

Sex: Male

Height: 5’7”

Build: 145 lbs

Nationality: Irish

Additional Languages: Spanish, French, German

Any special skills: Sailing, Surfing, Music (singing/songwriting, plays both the guitar and piano), Horseback riding, auto racing, bartending

Personality: Outspoken, rebellious and impulsive. Royce is skilled at improvisation, and he rarely enters into a situation with a plan – he’s usually making it all up as he goes. He doesn’t always consider the consequences of his actions, and his free nature sometimes gets him in trouble.

Over the centuries Royce has been a thief, a pirate, and an outlaw. He’s also been a professional musician and owned pubs on more than one occasion. Although he’s basically a good person, he doesn’t always play by the rules.

Royce has a weakness for pretty women, especially damsels in distress. More than once he’s had to flee town one step ahead of jealous husbands. He doesn’t go out of his way to seduce women; they’re just naturally drawn to him.

Royce tends to think of himself as a lover, not a fighter. He fights when he has to, but would rather negotiate his way out of trouble. He’s a competent swordsman, taking heads only when faced with no other choice.

Since he’s smaller and lighter than most of his opponents, Royce fights dirty, a trick he learned in his pirate days. He uses his surroundings to his advantage as much as possible, although never a gun.

1663 – Belfast Ireland
Newborn Royce is found on the doorstep of a catholic church. A priest named Seamus Flynn takes him in and attempts to raise him, but Royce has difficulty following the rules. More than once he’s caught committing petty crimes during his childhood.

Royce is caught in a compromising position with a young woman named Maggie O’reilly. Although Maggie’s family is ready to hang Royce for rape, Maggie convinces them it was consensual. Once he’s satisfied no child was conceived, Maggie’s father demands that Royce leave Belfast. Royce chooses to go to sea and signs on to a merchant vessel.

Royce spends the next decade serving as a sailor on various ships, primarily cargo vessels.

Royce’s ship goes down in a storm in the Caribbean and he drowns. He washes ashore on Isla Cruces, which is abandoned except for the ruins of an old Spanish settlement.

Royce spends several months marooned on Isla Cruces before the English privateer Lady Luck stops to resupply. Her captain, a fellow Immortal named Edward Finch, signs Royce onto his crew and teaches him to survive as an Immortal.

Shortly afterwards, the crown revokes Finch’s letters of marque, and he turns pirate. The crew of the Lady only steals cargo, and occasionally the ships themselves. Finch is an honorable man, and he never harms his captives.

The Lady is eventually captured by the British Royal Navy. The crew is taken to Port Royal Jamaica, where many of them are hung for piracy. Royce and his captain allow themselves to be executed, slipping away after reviving. The two Immortals split up, taking different ships off the island.

Royce travels to Tortuga, where he signs on to the pirate vessel Black Swan under the name Robert Finnegan.

Fleeing the Royal Navy, the captain of the Black Swan takes the ship into the Atlantic. For several months, the crew preys on shipping off the coast of what will eventually become North Carolina. Royce takes exception to his captain’s brutal tactics and constantly questions orders. The captain eventually gets tired of his insubordination and sets Royce adrift in a dingy.

Royce makes his way to the mainland, where he wanders from settlement to settlement, taking whatever work he can find.

New England - Upon arriving in Salem, Royce learns that a woman named Lillian Talbot has recently been convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Even though she’s been buried in an unmarked grave, Royce becomes determined to find it.

Royce finds the grave when he senses the presence of a fellow Immortal within. Marking the location, he returns after dark and digs Lily out. He steals a small boat, and the two of them escape into the Massachusetts Bay. Royce takes Lily into hiding and teaches her the game.

The two travel together for several months before Lily grows tired of Royce’s behavior and strikes out on her own.

1693 – 1775
Various identities in the colonies. During this time Royce gets into horse racing, and often works as a jockey.

American Revolution
Royce works as a courier for the Continental Army, picking up intel gathered by various spies and selling it to the colonials. One of his contacts is Lily, who’s seduced a pre-Immortal British officer named Martin Dobbes. The British eventually trace the leak back to Dobbes and he’s executed for treason. Royce and Lily manage to escape and travel to Europe, but eventually part ways again.

Royce returns to the U.S., where he opens a tavern in Boston.

Royce and Lily travel to San Francisco to avoid the war between the Union and the Confederacy. Lily opts to remain in the city, while Royce chooses to explore the frontier territories.

Royce eventually grows disgusted with the way America is developing and returns to Europe.

1870 – 1900
Various identities in Europe.

1912 – Ireland
Royce reunites with Lily and her lover Regina Dempsey. The three Immortals had planned to travel to America together aboard the Titanic, but Royce loses his ticket in a poker game only minutes before the ship sails.

Royce remains in Europe, and gets involved in auto racing for the first time.

1920 – England
Royce gets a job driving for a racing team owned by the Harrow family. Lady Penelope seduces him, and Royce gives in to temptation. Her husband eventually catches them together and fires Royce.

Great Depression
Royce serves on the tramp freighter SS Venture. When the crew begins to notice he’s not aging, he leaves the ship.

1955 – Roswell, New Mexico
Royce is merely passing through town when he meets a young pre-Immortal waitress named Holly Barnes. Royce gets a job as a mechanic in order to keep an eye on her, and rents a small house outside of town. He befriends Holly, and soon discovers that her husband Ray is abusing her.

One night Holly shows up on Royce’s doorstep after running away from Ray. While Royce is comforting her, Ray shows up and kills them both in a drunken rage. After reviving, the two Immortals flee town.

Royce and Holly settle in L.A., where she finds work as a waitress. Royce trains her and helps her get back on her feet but she and Royce are never more than friends. Holly eventually opens her own restaurant.

Lily and Royce form a rock band they name “Alleycat.” Royce plays bass, while Lily is the lead singer. The band does well, but never becomes a household name. Lily and Royce remain in the band as long as they dare before faking their deaths and changing identities again.

Royce gets involved in the L.A. street racing scene, initially working with fellow Immortal Samson Calhoun. Royce eventually discovers that Calhoun is involved with Columbian drug cartels, and tries to dissolve their partnership.

Calhoun kidnaps Royce’s mortal lover, an exotic dancer named Harmony Braswell, and uses her as bait to lure Royce to secluded location. Royce manages to take Calhoun’s head, though only just barely.

Royce and Harmony decide to move to Oahu, where they open a beach-side bar.

The Plague
Harmony falls victim to the plague and Royce spends several days nursing her before her death. After laying her to rest, Royce spends time searching the islands for survivors. Several days later, Royce and several others set out for the mainland aboard a battered old freighter named Damocles.

Driven by their dreams, some of the Damocles crew travel to Nebraska/Boulder after the ship arrives at the ruins of L.A. Others head for Vegas. Royce had never had any of the visions, and traveled to Vegas simply because it was closer.

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