Characters Name: Clarence "Rabbit" Jackson

Nicknames: Always goes by Rabbit and hates Clarence with a passion.

Played By: JP

True age: 18

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6'0"

Nationality: American

Occupation: College student - still working on his associates and majoring in general studies. He's not really interested in anything and continues to drop courses. At least one a semester. He worked at a movie rental place part time, but got fired because he continued to do, as his boss put it, 'nothing at freaking all.'

Skills: Professional student. He can talk his way out of work frequently when asked by a woman. Men, however, scare him. He knows a lot about present day news, but not much history.

Limitations: He's skittish around men. He never got along with his father or grandfather for that matter. He is also nervous around women who are near his age. He's young and unfortunately doesn't really care about much of anything.

Easygoing and gets along with everyone, until you ask him to do something. He doesn't whine out loud, but sulks when told to do heavy work. He, however, listens to his elders and isn't too disrespectful. He's rather neglectful of duties and unenergetic unless it's something he wants to do. He means well, but his hang-ups about his upbringing holds him back more often than not.

Born into an upper middle/high class family, Rabbit's a touch spoiled when it comes to having material things. Emotionally, however, he has never had anything. His parents never really made him do anything except go to college. He has always been fairly behind in class, but his mother did not fight with him because he was actually going and she had never really had an interest in him or his life. His father, a lawyer, saw his son as a total disappointment, however and often told Rabbit as much in a physically abusive manner. Rabbit only ever was happy when his father was away on business, which he was most of the week but when he was home, they would have a loud fight and Rabbit would usually run away and go to his friend Ronny's house for the weekend after getting 'punished' by his father.

Two months before the plague broke, his mother found out that his father's 'business trips' included sleeping with his secretary. She filed for divorce and kicked her husband out of the house. Rabbit, at first, was all right with the new situation, but his father seemed all too willing to take off. He openly pointed out Rabbit was over 18 and therefore, no longer his problem. His mother seemed to suddenly think it was a better idea if Rabbit went with this father. After being tossed around for a week, his parents came to a decision that he would staying with his mother and work. His mother made him get a job which he lost after a week. That was when she began having loud fights with him. It was the first time in his life she even took notice of him. A week before his mother died, she kicked him out. He stayed with Ronny, but soon Ronny became ill and headed off to the hospital.

That was when people started to die. Scared out of his mind, Rabbit went home only to find his mother gone. She'd taken off for the West Coast, leaving only a note and a number of unpaid bills. Rabbit tired to get a hold of his father, but he refused to return his phone calls.

On June 23rd, the phone finally rang. It was his father's 'secretary' calling to tell Rabbit his father was dead. It was the first time that Rabbit realized exactly what was going on. He went to the hospital to find Ronny, but he had already died. Left completely alone, scared and unaware of what to do, Rabbit returned to his childhood home and has stayed there ever since.

He had strange dreams of an old black woman and a number of nightmares involving a dark man and a corn field, but out of fear of the unknown and lack of motivation, Rabbit at first dismissed them all as nothing more than dreams.

That was until Mattie Groves came across him one night. He followed her back to her group which included Stu Redman, Frannie Goldsmith, Glen Bateman, Amara, Marty Jacobs, Kyra Andrews, Harold Lauder and John and Erin McNeal, who he latered moved in with along with Mattie.

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