Always interrupts people.
Nods frequently but isn’t listening.
Scratches a lot.
Fidgets constantly.
Paces back and forth.
Has bits of food in his beard.
Has fresh stains on his clothing.
Is exceptionally rumpled and un-tucked.
Pulls strands of hair from his mouth.
Says "excuse me" a lot.
Very touchy/feely (grabs hands or arms while talking).
Talks slowly.
Talks rapidly.
Always forgets what she is saying.
Interrupts herself.
Loves to sprinkle quotes through her conversation.
Stinks of garlic.
Espouses the medicinal virtues of garlic (and offers a clove).
Tells people private things as if they were close friends.
Seems very nervous.
Sweats profusely.
Is always chilly.
Is very thirsty all the time.
Is very hungry all the time.
Constantly hears the call of nature… (i.e. pees a lot).
Whines and complains a lot.
Doesn’t get most jokes – needs to have them explained.
Makes nonsensical jokes with very obscure punch lines.
Has pierced nipples and dresses to show them.
Wears a ring on every finger.
Wears a ring on every toe.
Wears ankle bells that jangle whenever she/he moves.
Takes notes obsessively.
Suggests fashion improvements such as "that leather really doesn’t work with your eyes… have you tried green velvet?"
Talks too loudly.
Talks too quietly.
Smokes a foul smelling herb.
Is very sleepy.
Is always guilty about something… "I should really be at work…"
Is always invites people to events – parties, picnics, meetings, seances, whatever.
Has a visible birthmark.
Has a major scar.
Likes to play games.. like online role playing.
Is addicted to gambling.
Is an alcoholic.
Always tries to win favors from the group.
Is very curious about everybody.
Is extroverted to the point of embarrassing her companions.
Is a picky eater.
Is noticeably fastidious.
Is always in a hurry.
Grins constantly.
Always agrees with everything.
Changes the subject constantly.
Hates going to new restaurants.
Is really awkward around the opposite gender.
Has fleas.
Eats other people’s leftovers (without asking).
Has trouble hearing.
Blows his nose into his hand and then shakes it clean.
Is extremely clumsy.
Always has a mild sunburn.
Likes a particular currency better than others and insists that people change their money first.
Has bird shit on his turban.
Always adds a bit of powder to her beverages (and claims it is a health tonic).
Loves to dance.
Is rude to waiters and waitresses.
Boasts about his sexual exploits (real or imagined).
Is a serious flirt.
Believes firmly that the culture is degenerating and always talks about the "old days".
Always plugs her favorite politician (or guild, royal family-member, etc.)
Smells really good (subtle perfume, very clean, whatever).
Injures him or herself while talking to other characters.
Remembers one of the other characters from "school" (or a similar chapter in the character’s life)
Chokes or swallows something wrong in the middle of conversation.
Stumbles into one of the characters while walking (maybe a pick-pocket, maybe not).
Constantly refers to herself in the third person.
Constantly refers to her (always present) "friend" (who only she can see).
Is never without her pet mouse (or rodent of choice).
Impresses all with the ability to play music through her nose.
Wears a turban and nothing else until noon each day.
Freaks out and runs away in the middle of a conversation (maybe she remembers an important appointment, or maybe it is more sinister).
Asks a PC for a lock of his or her hair.
Chews fingernails (or toenails…)
Carries lots of bags, parcels, and packages.

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