Character's full name: Methos

Character's Aliases: Death, Dr. Benjamin Adams, Adam Pierson, several others.

Played by: Heidi

Character Type: Immortal

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

True age: 5000+

Apparent age: 33

Sex: male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 180 lbs

Nationality: He cannot remember his place of birth.

Distinguishing characteristics: None-He excels at being unnoticeable.

Known languages: Far too many to list. He knows most current languages and many that have been dead for centuries.

Information, Personality and Description As the oldest Immortal, Methos is rather tight lipped about himself. He will go to great lengths to preserve his life, however, he does have a soft spot where Duncan MacLeod is concerned. He has a tendency to be quite clinical and cold at times, and is very calculating and conniving (when he wants to be), also has a genius level intelligence and a dry sense of humor. Has the build of an athlete (runner) with a lean, muscular body and a big nose (he said so himself) Speaks with a noticeable British accent, although he is not English.

He has a quiet, soft spoken nature in general and an almost shy streak at times. He is charismatic and makes friends easily. He likes mortals in general (although perhaps not as much as MacLeod) but tries his best not to become too close to any as he knows what will happen in the long run. Immortals on the other hand have a much less favorable light in his eyes. They get the more cynical and cool parts of his personality unless they strike his good side as MacLeod and a few others have. He prefers to stay out of the Game and has not taken a student in over a thousand years.

Any special skills?: Carries papers for almost all professions.

Brief history, or description of/story behind first death:
Unsure of circumstances of first death, Methos can only remember as far back as the first head he took. The man he is today is greatly different than the man he was so long ago. During the early part of his 5000+ years Methos was a part of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This lasted for a thousand years. During that time he was one of the evilest and most feared figures in the World. He was responsible for countless numbers of death and massive destruction. He regrets those actions now and says this of his actions: �Times were different then, I was different then. It is one of a thousands regrets.�

Has met many a historical figure over the years (including Caesar, Cleopatra, Lord Byron, and Mary Shelley). He has spent much of life after the Horsemen in quieter settings all around the world. He withdrew from the Game and took on a life of quiet contemplation. He enjoys studying and learning as well as preserving things so this life suited him perfectly.

Methos joined the Watchers in the late 80�s, under the guise of a graduate student named Adam Pierson, and became his own chronicler. He figured what better way to ensure that he would remain a myth than control the info on himself.

His life was going smoothly and rather dully until Duncan MacLeod entered it. MacLeod found out who he was and befriended him. He also brought out Methos�s conscious and made him take an active role in things once again. At the time of the plague he was spending some time vacationing in Canada.

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