Character's full name: Mattie Groves

Nicknames: Matt, MG

Played By: Mary

Character Type: Mortal

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color: Brown

True age: 24

Apparent age : 24

Sex: Female

Height : 5'5

Weight: 110

Nationality: American

Any other languages: Sign language, but poorly. Has a tendency to mis-sign.

Distinguishing characteristics: Always has her ferret, Lord Daniel, around. She chews her fingernails and is a very helpful person even when her help isn't wanted/needed.

Personality: Outgoing, friendly person, tends to smile a lot. Generally optimistic, but can be moody. Likes to sing and knows every Fairport Convention, Pink Floyd, CSN, and Jethro Tull song ever written. Also tends to quote Monty Python, but is trying to curb the habit. Is bisexual in theory, but has only had male sexual partners. Vaguely religious, but not overtly.

Any special skills: Can fix almost anything. She has a knack for fixing things, and worked as a mechanic before the plague. Machines just sit up and beg for her. Also, she's an expert on ferrets and ferret training, and the works of Mark Twain.

Mattie grew up in Hannibal, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi river. As a little girl, she read everything she could find written by or about Mark Twain, Hannibal's claim to literary fame. She played at being Tom Sawyer, and Huck Finn, and decided she liked being the latter better. Her mother died when she was three, leaving her father to raise his only daughter and her four older brothers the best he could. By the time Mattie was ten, she was a confirmed tomboy, and she and the four older Groves children were the terror of Marion County.

Her father was a "shade tree mechanic" who made extra money by fixing his neighbor's cars when they broke down. Mattie started helping out with this and soon learned everything there was to know about combustion engines, timing, and how to rebuild carburetors and transmissions. She and her brothers would go to junkyards for parts, and they built her first car from salvage from the wheels up. She still drives it, and it runs like a dream.

Mattie never went to college, but graduated top of her class in Marion Technical, with a specialization in Mechanics. With money she borrowed from her father, she opened a garage in Hannibal, with her youngest brother, Hank. Lord Daniel, her ferret, was a constant presence in the garage, and had even gotten a write up in the paper, once.

Then came the plague, and the world went to hell, and the dreams started. And old woman. A dark man. A choice.

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