Lillian Talbot

Character's Full Name: Lillian Francesca Talbot

Created By: Mallory

AKAs: Frances Cabot, Lily Flynn

Character Type: Immortal

Apparent Age: 25

Actual Age: 337

Sex: Female

Height: 5’4”

Build: 115 lbs

Nationality: American

Additional Languages: French, Mandarin Chinese

Any special skills: Over the centuries, Lily has been a professional musician (singing/songwriting) and dancer (primarily ballet). She has also studied Dragon Spirit Kung Fu.

Personality: Rebellious, sarcastic, witty and outspoken. Lily places a high value on personal freedom and equal rights, and will gladly fight for them either on her own behalf or the behalf of others.

She tries to stay out of The Game as much as possible, but Lily will take heads if faced with no other choice.

Lily has had both male and female lovers, but has no preference either way. She doesn’t date more than the average single person, but as an Immortal tries to avoid committed relationships.

Lily loves cats, and usually has one padding around wherever she’s living. She’s also fond of Ford Mustangs (usually black), and never drives anything else. Lily enjoys classic horror movies and the works of authors such as Poe and Lovecraft. Lily is extremely claustrophobic, and none too fond of fire.

1675 - Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Born on Friday the 13th, Lily was barely a year old when a viral outbreak killed several people in the village, including her parents. Her parents had only recently emigrated from England, and their death left her with no relatives in the colonies.

Lily was adopted by a childless couple named Joseph and Mariah Cabot, close friends of her parents. Joseph owned an inn, and Lily helped out there when she wasn’t in school. Lily had few friends as a child, preferring to keep to herself. She didn’t lack for company though; she had a way with cats, and they always seemed to congregate wherever she went.

As a teenager, boys tended to avoid her due to her odd behavior. Lily wasn’t particularly bothered by this, as she didn’t have much interest in marrying.

The Cabots treated her well, but as she got older she noticed Joseph taking more and more interest in her. By the time she was sixteen, he had begun making passes at her when Mariah wasn’t around. Lily always rejected him however.

Not long after she turned eighteen, Joseph snuck into her room one night and attempted to force himself on her. Lily resisted, but he overpowered her. He was about to mount her when Mariah caught them together.

Joseph accused Lily of using witchcraft to seduce him, and his wife chose to believe him. During the ensuing trial, half the town testified against Lily, blaming her “magic” for every misfortune they could think of. Lily was convicted and sentenced to burn at the stake. Lily was executed and buried in an unmarked grave outside town. She revived inside her coffin, but was unable to escape.

Several days after Lily’s execution, an Irish Immortal named Royce Flynn arrived in town. After hearing Lily’s story, Royce set out to find her grave. After locating her, he came back and dug her up after nightfall. Although Lily was nearly insane from her confinement, Royce was able to keep her calm enough for them to escape.

An accomplished sailor, Royce stole a small boat and the two Immortals escaped into the bay. Royce took Lily into hiding, where he managed to restore her sanity and teach her the Game.

Lily loved Royce like a brother, but their friendship eventually unraveled. Royce had romantic feelings for her that she didn’t share, and his advances were making her uncomfortable. In addition, he was a little too free-spirited (not to mention light-fingered), and his antics often got them into more trouble than they needed. The two ultimately parted ways, but have reunited several times over the years.

1775-1781, New York
New York - Lily and Royce work as spies for the Americans. Lily goes undercover as a maid in the home of pre-Immortal British officer Martin Dobbes. She seduces Dobbes in order to gain his trust and uses him to pass information to her employers through Royce. The British discover the leak and trace it back to Dobbes. Lily and Royce escape, splitting up to avoid capture. Dobbes is convicted and hanged for treason.

1861 – San Francisco
Lily and Royce reunite and travel west to avoid the Civil War, and during the journey they become lovers for the first time. Royce’s reckless behavior continues to be a problem, and she leaves him again.

1865 – Texas
Lily meets a new Immortal named Samson Calhoun, a Confederate veteran killed in combat. Realizing Calhoun doesn’t know what he is, Lily attempts to teach him the rules. However, she quickly realizes that Calhoun is nothing but an ignorant bully with no respect for women in general.

While the two are camping in the ruins of San Verganza, Calhoun tries to have his way with her. Lily fights back, and runs him through with her sword. She rides out that night, leaving Calhoun with no supplies, horses or weapons.

1870 - California
Lily befriends a Mortal bounty hunter named Gabriel Ryan. After proving to him that she can ride and shoot as well as any man, Gabe accepts her as an apprentice. Although they ride together several months, Lily manages to keep the secrets of the Immortals.

They eventually travel to a small town in northern California in search of an outlaw named Simon Callahan. While tracking their prey near an unfinished rail line, Lily senses another Immortal too late, and she’s shot out of the saddle.

Gabe is missing when Lily revives, and she spends several hours tracking him. She senses the Immortal again just as she finds Gabe’s body hanging from a tree by the neck. The Immortal turns out to be Calhoun, who flings himself at Lily in a blind rage. The ensuing battle takes them out onto an unfinished trestle over a gorge, where Lily disarms him again. Humiliated at being bested by a woman (again), Calhoun throws himself off the bridge.

1895 – London
Lily develops an interest in Ballet, and enrolls in a school run by retired ballerina Regina Dempsey, a pre-Immortal. During her lessons, the two become fast friends. Although Lily picks up the basics fairly quickly, her lack of experience keeps her from getting a job as a ballerina. Regina gives her a job in the studio.

A few months later, Regina inherits her father’s estate. Martin Dobbes seduces her and cons her into a bad business deal despite Lily’s warnings. Once he has his hands on Regina’s inheritance, Dobbs shoots Regina, leaving Lily to clean up the mess.

Lily helps Regina get back on her feet, and teaches her the rules. During the training period, the two become lovers. The two travel Europe together for a time before parting company amicably.

Ireland - Lily and Regina reunite and travel to America aboard the Titanic. Since neither feels like swimming hundreds of miles in the icy water, they escape in the lifeboats with nothing but their swords and the clothes on their backs.

New York - Lily and Regina find work in a vaudeville act run by Bosco Harvey and his wife Loretta. Lily performs as a singer and dancer, and Regina works as a costume designer.

Boston - Loretta Harvey catches Lily and Regina making love. Scandalized, she and Bosco fire the two Immortals on the spot. Lily and Regina part ways soon afterwards.

Various identities in the U.S. and Canada.

1974 – Tibet
While vacationing, Lily hears rumors of an ageless monk. After weeks of investigating, she finds the monastery in question. The rumors prove to be true…the Ageless One being a child Immortal named Shin Yao. Yao had spent most of his life in the monastery, and doesn’t know what he is.

Fascinated with the modern world, Yao decides to leave the monastery. He offers to teach her Kung Fu in exchange for Lily being his guide in the outside world.

1975 – Modesto California
Lily and Yao move to Modesto, where Yao enrolls in school. Lily soon falls in love with one of his teachers, a Mortal named Bonnie Sullivan.

Lily gets a job in a record store, and she and Yao rent a spacious apartment above the shop from the store’s owners.

Yao has difficulty fitting in at school, and is harassed by bullies. Not because of his race so much as his strange behavior. Despite this, he catches the eye of a girl in his class, who befriends him.

In a fit of jealousy, the school’s alpha bully picks a fight with Yao, who soundly thrashes him in front of several witnesses.

While he’s walking home from school several days later, the bully and several of his friends ambush Yao. Although he fights back, the gang manages to restrain him and administers a severe beating.

Bonnie breaks up the fight, but Yao convinces her to take him home despite serious injuries sustained in the fight. Lily uses the opportunity to explain their nature to Bonnie. Although she’s shaken by the experience, Bonnie loves her and Yao enough to accept it.

When Yao returns to school the next day completely undamaged, the bullies are so confused and frightened they stay away from him.

Sometime later, Bonnie’s house burns down, and she moves into Lily and Yao’s apartment. Since Yao is mature and more than capable of defending himself, Bonnie and Lily often leave him alone to go out on dates.

While she and Bonnie are returning one night, Lily senses an Immortal being beheaded nearby, and they see the lightshow of an unleashed Quickening through their apartment windows. Moments later, the upper story of the record store explodes.

The authorities determine the explosion was caused by a gas leak. Yao’s body is found in the ruins, but it’s so badly damaged only Lily and Bonnie know he was beheaded.

At Yao’s graveside service, Lily senses another Immortal, and sees Calhoun watching from just within range. Lily confronts him after the service, Challenging him at a time and place of his choosing.

Calhoun agrees, but points out that neither she nor Yao had even known he was in town before he struck. Calhoun admits that he has a crooked private detective tracking targets for him, and Lily realizes she can’t leave Bonnie unguarded.

Calhoun leaves Modesto, threatening to come for her when she least expected it.

Lily convinces Bonnie to move to San Francisco with her, hoping to throw Calhoun off the scent.

Bonnie dies of Leukemia.

Lily and Royce form a rock band they name “Alleycat.” Royce plays bass, while Lily is the lead singer. The band does well, but never becomes a household name. Lily and Royce remain in the band as long as they dare before faking their deaths and changing identities again.

Various identities in Europe.

The Plague
At the time of the plague, Lily lived in Boston, where she ran a vintage record store named Powerhouse Music. She shared an apartment over the store with her cat Bosco.

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