Character's full name: Larry Underwood

Aliases: None

Played By: Diane

Character Type: Mortal/musician

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: blue

True age: 29

Apparent age: late twenties

Sex: male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 156

Nationality: American

Distinguishing characteristics: Dark hair, very charming smile

Any other languages: None

Personality: Larry is friendly and is just getting to find out who he is as a man. May be a little moody at times and only reluctantly takes on the role of leader.

Any special skills: Talented musician and good singer, is also a good creative thinker.

History: Born in New York City, Larry was raised by his mother - Alice Underwood - after the death of his father at the age of nine. Despite growing up in a rough neighborhood Larry never got into any trouble, though regardless of Alice’s best efforts Larry did end up becoming a little self-involved.

Larry set off for California with Rudy Schwartz, and shortly after arriving in L.A. the pair spilt over a disagreement about $60 dollars. Though he would end up regretting it many years later Larry stayed in California, taking on menial jobs and forming a group called the ‘Tattered Remnants’. The musician was called to cut a demo of ‘Baby Can Your Dig Your Man’ for Neil Diamond’s newest album and although the song didn’t make the final cut Larry had a foot in the door.

The song was released as a single and was followed by Larry’s first album ‘Pocket Savior’ with the few members of the Tattered Remnants’ that his contract enabled him to bargain for. As the single and the album began their fast accent up the charts Larry started to celebrate. He rented a house in Malibu where the party scene got heavy.

Sobered up by Wayne Stukey, fellow band member who had earned keyboard credit on ‘Pocket Savior’ Larry realized he owed a hefty amount of money to some pretty rough people. Taking Wayne’s advice Larry spilt town and returned to New York.

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