Kimiko Philips

Character's full name: Kimiko Diane Philips

Aliases: Kimberly Phillips, Amy Wong, various others

Played By: Mallory

Character Type: Immortal

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

True age: 56

Apparent age: 20s

Sex: Female

Height: 56

Weight: 125 lbs

Nationality: Japanese American

Any Travel Companions or close friends:

Distinguishing characteristics: Despite being part Japanese, Kim's Caucasian ancestry is dominant enough that her oriental blood is often overlooked. Any other languages: Raised speaking both Japanese and English, French

Personality: Tough, witty and resilient, although her experiences have left her a little bitter. As a multi-ethnic woman growing up in the post-WWII era, Kim faced considerable adversity, but that only made her more determined to prove herself. Kim left the intelligence community after becoming Immortal, but found her CIA training incredibly helpful in surviving the Game. For the last several decades, she's focused on photography and journalism-related occupations, using her skills and experience to help people as much as she can.

As a former spy, Kim has trust issues, and has never married. She has had her share of boyfriends over the years, but never managed to find someone she could trust with the secret of her Immortality. In the Game, Kim fights to win. She'll take a head if she has to, but generally prefers to spare her opponents as much as possible.

Any special skills: Journalism, photography, espionage, mixed martial arts.

1946 - 1951

Kim's father Richard was a U.S. Marine cook stationed in Okinawa after WWII. Richard married a waitress named Keiko in the months following the war, and Kim was born a few months later. Kim lived in base housing with her parents for the first several years of her life. Although her parents loved her very much, Kim found herself an outsider from the very beginning. The American kids living on base shunned her for being part Japanese, and Japanese kids shunned her for being part American. On top of that, her mother often struggled with depression as most of Keiko's relatives were living in Nagasaki when it was destroyed.


Richard's unit was deployed to Korea, where he finished out his military career. He was honorably discharged after the war, and relocated his family to Los Angeles.


Richard got a job at a car dealership in LA, rose to a management position, and eventually opened his own dealership. He made enough for Keiko to stay home and run the household. Despite her best efforts, Kim made few friends in school, for the same reasons she'd had trouble in Okinawa. She developed an interest in photography and journalism, and participated in her school's newspaper almost every year. In High School, she dated a young man named Clyde Thomas, and the two moved in together after graduation.


Kim and her boyfriend both studied Journalism at UCLA, but their relationship slowly unraveled. Both were active in the civil rights movement, but Clyde favored violence as a means for social change, while Kim did not. Kim eventually left him, but had to file a restraining order before Clyde would leave her alone.

During her senior year, one of Kim's professors recruited her into the CIA. Although it felt a little like selling out, Professor Rogers convinced her that she could become a valuable asset to the Agency. Kim began her CIA training shortly after earning her Journalism degree.


After completing her training, Kim was deployed in the field under the supervision of Agent Clarke Lewis. The two eventually became partners in every sense of the word, and worked together as a team for her entire career as a CIA agent. Kim found she had a talent for the spy game, and it helped that her opponents often underestimated her.


During an assignment in Tokyo, Kim and Lewis came into conflict with a Omura Tetsuo, a Yakuza boss known for beheading people that annoyed him. Omura's people captured them, but Lewis was killed in the fight. Omura ordered Kim confined on his yacht, intending to do unpleasant things to her before killing her. Fortunately, Omura never laid a finger on her. Kim managed to free herself and kill Omura when he came to rape her, but his bodyguards put several rounds into her before she fell overboard.

By the time Kim made it back to shore, she realized something unusual had happened to her. She'd somehow survived not only being shot multiple times, but she'd clearly been underwater several hours before waking up. She had also survived a swim to the surface from nearly two hundred feet down without drowning. Instead of checking in with her superiors, Kim opted to go into hiding until she understood what had happened to her.

During this time, Kim met an Immortal named Hattori Hanzo. Hanzo-san not only taught her the Game, but he also forged a katana for her. Kim also learned that Omura was also Immortal, a former samurai with centuries of experience. Although she burned to avenge her lover, she accepted Hanzo's advice to avoid Omura at least until she had more experience.


After hearing that Omura had returned to Tokyo, Kim went after him. However, by the time she arrived in Japan, another Immortal had already taken his head. Although disappointed, Kim counted it as a win.


While living in LA, Kim encountered a homeless Immortal woman named Victoria Grant. Grant had recently revived after a lethal heroin overdose, and had no idea what she was. Kim took Grant in, helped her get back on her feet, and began training her. However, it was soon obvious that Grant was seriously unstable.

Grant was also former CIA, and she'd been in charge of a classified research facility. Without realizing what they had, Grant's people had captured a child Immortal named Claudia Morgan. Claudia had escaped with the aid of one of Grant's agents, and Grant had become so completely obsessed with recapturing her that the CIA had burned her and buried all evidence of Claudia's existence. Although Kim managed to help Grant break her drug addiction, the new Immortal remained fixated on Claudia. Grant ignored all of Kim's attempts to reason with her, allowing her thirst for vengeance to consume her. The day she left, she threatened to take Kim's head if she interfered.

Kim reluctantly let her student go. She attempted to find Morgan herself to warn her, but she had nothing to go on, and didn't believe Grant did either.

The Plague

Kim moved back to LA under the alias Amy Wong, and worked as a field researcher for a travel magazine. She also bought her parents' old house in the suburbs, which had a fallout shelter in the back yard. When she was at home, she often socialized with her neighbor Roy and his partner Myron. Roy was the first to contract Captain Tripps, although he hid his condition at first. By the time he died, LA was already falling apart. Kim helped Myron nurse Roy through his illness, and protected the neighborhood from looters as best she could.

By the time Roy died, Myron had contracted the illness. Kim helped Myron bury his soulmate, but the unchecked fires destroying the city forced them into the fallout shelter. Myron fought the flu longer than Roy had, living long enough to see the sun last time when the firestorm had passed their neighborhood.

Kim buried Myron next to Roy and set out in search of survivors.

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