Character's full name: Katrina Morris

Character's Aliases: none

Nicknames: Trina, Kat

Played By: Heidi

Character Type: Immortal

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue Green

True age: 20

Apparent age: 20

Sex: female

Height: 5�8�

Weight: 150

Nationality: American

Animals: Siamese cat, Storm.

Distinguishing characteristics. Tenacious personality, mole above lip (left side), multiple ear piercings.

Any other languages: Some Spanish albeit rusty. A few random words from other languages (picked up from movies and friends-used mostly as flavoring in her speech).

Personality: Katrina has a semi quirky personality. She is a bit withdrawn around people she doesn�t know well, but once she is comfortable around them she becomes a regular chatterbox. She is quite lively and happy, but has an�interesting sense of humor (its all over the place-dry, witty, pun oriented etc). She is curious about everything and enjoys studying things, people, animals, behavior etc. She is also a book worm and loves music.

Any special skills?: Knows a little martial arts, has a semi photographic memory.

History, including occasion of first death if warranted:
Katrina has lived a fairly average life. The only child of a middle class couple she was neither rich nor poor, but lived a very comfortable life. She was semi popular in school, and was an �A� student. In the summer her family would take an annual camping trip to the Wisconsin Dells, giving Katrina an appreciation for and love of nature.

She was attending college and planning on getting a degree in the Social Sciences or Biology when during the summer between her freshmen and sophomore years her parents died in a car crash. She was devastated and took the next year of school off to mourn and also get a job to help pay for her bills. Things were finally looking up for her when the superflu hit the following summer.

Katrina found herself one of the last people she knew to get sick, but nevertheless she did get sick. Nothing seemed to work and she just got worse and worse. Finally on the 1st if July she knew should would die and be able top see her parents once again. Fate had another plan for her, for not long after she died from the flu she awoke, perfectly healthy.

Utterly confused and a bit scared Katrina now finds herself in a dead world with one question she may never be able to answer. �How did I come back to life?�

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