Character's Full Name: Jeremiah Thomas Weiss

Played By: JP

Character Type: Immortal

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Actual Age: 156

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Nationality: Caucasian/Native American Mix

Residence: Philadelphia, PA. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1845.

Distinguishing characteristics: Long black hair which is normally down with the sides of his head braided or beaded. I also wears two onxy rings, one of his left index finger and one on his thumb.

Occupation: Five years back he worked as a Night club bookie in New York City. He liked the night life and the Goth scene. People there accepted him as he was. He never told them the real secret but no one ever question why he did not age. In the last two years, Jeremiah returned to PA.

Skills: He loves entertaining people and did so often with sword tricks prior to musical acts at the club. He is fast with the blade and highly skilled. It is an art form to Jeremiah and he views sword play with great respect.

Personality: Likable and pleasant, although he appears dark, it's more of an act that he has found easy to drop now that the world has fallen apart.

Jeremiah was born to a wealthy family in the early 1800s. He worked hard for his father, Bartholomew Weiss, a business man with a good mind to foresee things to come. His father was one of the first people to announce that a war was brewing. Most people thought he was completely mad but a few short years proved Jeremiah's father was right. The Civil War began and both Jeremiah and his father enlisted in the Union army. His father rose in the ranks within weeks replacing those who had died before him. They fought for a number of years at each other's side both narrowly escaping death more than once. It was not until the battle of Gettysburg that they were parted. Bartholomew was killed on the first day of the four day battle. Jeremiah was not at his father's side when the bullet pierced the older man's chest and killed him just moments later and for that, his son blamed himself.

They covered the body and laid him aside as they did with all the masses of the dead that night and began day two at sun rise. Jeremiah fought like he had never fought before, angered by his father's death and fueled with hungry and weariness. The third day came and once more, Jeremiah fought bravely gaining notice from the Union leaders. Aware of his loss and his bravery, the General gave him leave to rest with Chamberlain's troops who were from Maine but as history goes, the Confederates attacked that very spot. Although Chamberlain held the ground in an amazing battle, Jeremiah's luck had run it's course and soon he too knew the feeling of a bullet in the chest.

He awoke later, unsure of how many days had passed, in a pile of the dead. His eyes fluttered open to find the decomposing corpse of his father to his left and to his right, a pile of bloody and bodiless limbs. With a shout, Jeremiah bolted up and attempted to run from that horrible place but two union Soldiers caught him and took him quickly to the medical tent. The doctors were hardly baffled aware they had made all dead on arrival calls hastily. They figured the young man had just suffered a nasty blow to the head that knocked him out and dismissed it as they tended to the hundreds of dying men. Jeremiah, however, did not accept this and became determined to find out the truth.

It was a long time before he did find someone who knew and understood but by that time, Jeremiah had already noticed that he did not age nor could he die. Not sure of anything anymore, Jeremiah took to sleeping all day and only going out at night afraid the sun light might burn him. He had read many books and the walking dead was the only explanation he could find until he met an old fellow on the street. It was the early 1900's and the man was kind enough to explain the game and the removal of the head theory to Jeremiah before beginning a fight. He had picked the wrong man to toy with and that night was Jeremiah's first quickening.

Traveling alone for the rest of his life, Jeremiah took to working in night clubs and bars, places were people come and go and never stay long enough to notice when a man doesn't age passed 22.

During the 1990s Jeremiah took a new job at a night club in New York City. He booked musical acts and it was few and far between that he found any real talent. It was during this time he met Larry Underwood, an up and coming singer who actually knew music but unfortunately, didn't have much of a head for business. Jeremiah, who at the time went by Jerry Weiss, helped Larry as best as he could because he truly thought the kid could make it. Larry never really question why his new and younger buddy Jerry kept calling him 'kid'. Night club people were strange.

It wasn't long before Larry got the break he was looking for and headed off to L.A. As a parting gift, Jeremiah gave him a brand new guitar and wished him the best of luck. He didn't hear from Larry ever again. For the next nine years, Jeremiah lived with Darren Masters. When Darren died from the super flu early in May of 2002, Jeremiah moved back to his homeland of Pennsylvania to visit his father's resting place. They had given the man a beautiful grave stone and never questioned why his son never came home. Jeremiah's family as assumed he was killed in battle - one of the hundreds buried in unmarked tombs. He took to booking clubs there but the PA music scene was as dead as the plague victims that soon came.

People began to get sick and die and soon, Jeremiah found himself once again one of the only sole survivors of a massacre.

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