Elsa Andersen

Character's Full Name: Elsa Louise Andersen

Created By: Mallory

Character Type: Immortal

Apparent Age: 26

Actual Age: 26

Sex: Female

Height: 5'10''

Nationality: American

Additional Languages: Russian

Personality: Often comes across as rude, sarcastic and a little cold - hearted. However, Elsa earned her first graduate degree at age seventeen, and didn't really have time to develop her social skills.

Elsa is a very practical and logical person, and a born scientist. As far as she's concerned, everything has a rational explanation, one only has to look hard enough to find it. Becoming Immortal was a serious shock, but she's slowly coming to terms with it. She loves to read, and her favorite authors include Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Hawking. Elsa's favorite television show is Star Trek: Voyager, and her favorite characters are Captain Kathryn Janeway and the ex-Borg Seven of Nine.

Elsa is asexual. She wasn't ready to procreate before becoming Immortal, and now the point is moot. As far as she's concerned, physical pleasure is a waste of time and a needless distraction. She has dated, but mainly to placate her parents.

Elsa hasn't been Immortal long enough to get involved in the Game.

Any special skills: Master's in Aerospace Engineering, Astronaut training, kickboxing. Eidetic memory.

Elsa was born in Houston, Texas in 1976. Her parents were Astronaut Charles Andersen and his wife Annika, an astrophysicist. It wasn't long before the Andersens realized their daughter was gifted, by age four she could name every star visible in her home town.

As a result of Elsa's advanced intelligence, the Andersens arranged for Elsa to be home-schooled. She earned her Master's from MIT at the age of seventeen. Elsa wanted to follow in her father's footsteps, but NASA ruled that she was too young to join the Astronaut Corps at the time.

Instead, she accepted a position at Cal-tech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she helped develop technology destined to be deployed on the International Space Station. Not long after she turned twenty four, NASA accepted her as an Astronaut Candidate.

The Plague:

Elsa was aboard the ISS with fellow Astronaut John Crichton and Cosmonaut Alexei Sarkozy when the superflu was released. Mission Control ordered them to remain aboard as long as possible.

Eventually, every ground station on the planet went silent. With no hope of resupply, they were ultimately faced with two choices, starve in orbit or take their chances on Earth. Elsa and her crewmates chose to take their chances in the Soyuz capsule docked at the station.

After launch, a passing meteor damaged the capsule, knocking it off course. The ship barely survived re-entry, and pancaked in the Nevada desert.

When Elsa revived among the twisted and mangled wreckage, she found her crewmates not just dead, but mutilated beyond recognition. With the ship's survival gear destroyed, she set off in search of plague survivors...

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