Character's Full Name: Dancer (Flagg’s own name for him, as one who dances between good and evil and the realms that dictate them)

Aliases: Libran, Statera, Maat, Biele, and is sometimes simply called “the Ref” or “the Judge”

Created By: DC

Character Type: Neither mortal nor immortal; the body he uses once was immortal, before he borrowed it

Apparent Age: 40

Actual Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11''

PersonalityReserved, quiet but observant. Follows the rules to the letter, fair, impartial. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to stir the pot a bit; he is the picture of detachment and balance but enjoys making things interesting for his own amusement.

Any special skills: Unlike Flagg or Mother, he knows all and sees all on the earthly realm, but holds no supernatural power over mortals. In fact, his body may be disposed of in the immortal fashion, but this would not stop him from returning in another form. He can only act upon unearthly beings (Flagg, supernatural forces on earth), and even then only if they have broken the rules he has been sent to oversee.

Much like all deities, sub-deities and demi-gods, it is unknown what came first: Mankind’s belief in something larger than them which guided their morals, or their morals which led them to create gods and deities and demons to reflect parts of humanity’s nature.

Dancer has no linear existence. He is called into being when the scales of balance between good and evil are threatened; he cannot interfere with or stop the imbalance, but his purpose is to oversee the events which cause the imbalance through to its earthly resolution. His job is not to interfere or to make sure that good defeats evil. He knows that good needs evil as much as evil needs goodness to survive, and that one without the other would result in the destruction of all on earth. As important as keeping the balance intact is to him, he still does not favor one side over the other.

As he understands it, mankind must make their own decisions and be held accountable for those decisions. Supernatural beings are not allowed to swoop in and take control, but they can and do mislead humanity throughout the ages to make those decisions and take those actions on their behalf. Dancer is in Vegas now because Flagg is such a being, and while he can take advantage of a vulnerable and easily led population, and can kill individuals with ease if they break his own rules or orders (or even if he just says they did), he can’t simply destroy it on his own (and quite honestly, Flagg would probably not want to, being one who thrives on chaos and mortal suffering). Dancer’s job is to make sure that Flagg allows humanity to make its own decisions about its own future.

Who makes the rules? Is there God? Is there Satan? Dancer doesn’t know and doesn’t care. He only knows of the energy that is life, and that governs all beings on every level of existence. He likes to think of himself as an enforcer of cosmic law. He volunteered his position at Tad and Pandora’s suite – Flagg would rather he not be there at all – in order to keep an eye on a key part of events as they enfold. He respects Flagg as much as he respects the forces of good, but he does not trust that Flagg will allow the mortals to make their own decisions, especially where Tad and Pandora are concerned.

He took on the cover story of bodyguard as a way of appeasing Flagg, who would never want it to be known that there is a being equal to him in power on any realm. They are, in a sense, much like quarreling distant relatives of the same family.

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