Character's Full Name: Dakota Elkheart

Played By: JP

Character Type: Mortal

Apparent Age: 18

Actual Age: 18

Sex: Male

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Residence: Indian Reservation, Idaho

Nationality: Native American.

Distinguishing characteristics: His height for starters. Standing 5'2'', Dakota might be hard to notice if it was not for his ability to hold a listeners attention. He also has a big smile that never seems to rest and oversized glasses that he is nearly blind without.

Occupation: He lived on a reservation and had little need for money. He has never had a job, a car or a house of his own.

Skills: Storytelling. Although it does not seem like a 'skill', Dakota never forgets an event or person. He retells stories like they are history and was well know as a 'history keeper' in his tribe.

Limitations: His vision is very poor in addition to his tiny stature.

Personality: Dakota is one of the kindest people anyone could ever wish to met. He is selfless and becomes very attached to those who treat him well. Very trustworthy, but sometimes his mouth moves faster than his brain. He was born and raised on a reservation and never having left the land, he can be extremely naive to the ways of men. He also likes to tell stories, not all of which is always true, and hear stories and repeat stories he has heard.

History: Born on the Reservation in Idaho, Dakota was named for the Dakota tribe - the word Dakota meaning 'Ally' because his father believed he was a born friend. Dakota spent most of his time reading and studying to become a history teacher when he graduated from high school. He never left the res and never intended to. He found his land plentiful and never asked for more although he had never even seen a movie in a theater or even been to a real 'super' market.

In early June, his people began to get sick and die and one by one, they did. He was left alone with the task of burying the dead. His religion would not let him leave the land until that duty was done. It took him most of June because of the physical and emotional strains, but he saw it through and started out on the road alone in early July.

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