Cassandra Drusus

Character's Full Name: Cassandra Drusus

Created By: Mallory

Aliases: Cassandra Drew, Sandra Bates, various others

Character Type: Immortal

Apparent Age: 25

Actual Age: 1891

Sex: Female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Nationality: Roman

Additional Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Any special skills: Espionage, calligraphy, painting, croupier/casino management.

Personality: Ambitious and driven, Cassandra doesn't let anyone stand in the way of her goals. While she's no headhunter, she won't hesitate to fight when cornered and kill when necessary.

Cassandra loves the high life opulent homes, lavish parties, and the latest fashions. She's managed her personal wealth carefully over the centuries, and could easily buy nearly anything her heart desired before Captain Tripps made money worthless.

Cassandra is a shrewd manipulator, and adept at uncovering secrets. She's not afraid to use almost any means to collect information, although she draws the line at torture. Her favorite weapon is seduction, and she's not above using her body to achieve her goals. She also enjoys sex for its own sake, and laughs at the very idea of a monogamous relationship.

Cassandra has been a courtesan many times over the centuries, partially to support her lifestyle, and partially as a cover for gathering information to sell to the highest bidder. She also discovered that brothels also made good shelters for women with nowhere else to go. She always ensured her girls were clean, healthy, and well-treated.

Even though she adapts well to changing times, Cassandra still tends to think like a Roman. She has lived outside the Italian peninsula so long that she's lost her native accent.

122 A.D. Rome
Cassandra is born to a prominent patrician family. Raised in a life of privilege and luxury, she embraces the decadent roman lifestyle wholeheartedly.

138 A.D
Cassandra enters into an arranged marriage to Laurentius Batiatus, a powerful military officer with enough money to support her in the style she's accustomed to. On their wedding night, Batiatus reveals that he's Immortal. Far from being put off, Cassandra is thrilled at the idea of being married to a wealthy and powerful man who will always be handsome and virile.

Shortly after the wedding, Batiatus is deployed to Britannia to take command of an outpost on Hadrian's Wall. Batiatus has an estate near the Wall, and arranges for Cassandra to join him there to manage the household. Cassandra is less than happy to leave Rome and its lavish parties, but is determined to make the most of the situation. With her husband often away for days at a time on maneuvers, Cassandra entertains herself with the couple's servants.

147 A.D. Britannia
While out for a ride on the estate, Cassandra's horse is spooked by a snake, and she's thrown from the saddle, breaking her neck. Batiatus has her taken to their bedchamber, where she revives as an Immortal. Cassandra is overjoyed at the development, even though Batiatus hadn't told her what she was. Now blessed with eternal youth and beauty, she begins to envision the two of them seizing control of the Empire and ruling it forever.

However, Batiatus refuses. Although he's tempted by the idea, he's well aware that revealing their true nature would have disastrous consequences. He teaches Cassandra how to survive as an Immortal, while steadfastly ignoring her ambitions. Cassandra eventually grows disgusted with his lack of ambition, and bored with provincial Britannia. She divorces Batiatus and returns to Rome.

She quickly finds that hiding her Immortality among the patricians is incredibly difficult. She uses what remains of her personal finances to buy a brothel, and becomes a meretrix (courtesan). Although she never meets her goal of ruling Rome, Cassandra discovers that being a meretrix gives her access to a considerable amount of information, and therefore leverage.

Dark Ages England
While working as a freelance spy in England, Cassandra encounters a newly Immortal Norse warrior named Erikir Asbjorn. In exchange for his vow to give up the raiding life, Cassandra agrees to teach him The Rules. In the process, she also strives to make him a bit more respectable.

Cassandra quickly discovers the advantages of having a Norse warrior watching her back. Between his muscle and her own cunning, they make an excellent team. Even though he gets a fair share of their profits and the occasional roll in the furs, Erikir begins to feel like a servant. After about a year, he strikes off on his own.

Middle Ages
Various identities in Europe. While she often works as a spy, she's not always a courtesan.

In Venice, Cassandra buys a struggling brothel. Under her management the establishment thrives, quickly becoming popular among the nobility. Despite the popularity of the house, the Inquisition eventually shuts her down. Cassandra is forced to leave town to avoid being tried for heresy.

18th century
Cassandra tries her hand at running a `respectable' business, and opens a tavern in London. Among her regular customers are fellow Immortals Royce Flynn and Lily Talbot. Intrigued by their stories of colonial life, she eventually moves to the American colonies.

Once entrenched in the social circles of colonial aristocracy, Cassandra and Lily gather intel for the revolution. Royce acts as their courier, delivering information to Colonial forces. Royce and Lily are eventually caught, resulting in the execution of a Preimmortal British officer named Martin Dobbes. Royce and Lily manage to escape, but Cassandra's cover remains intact.

19th century
While living in Richmond Virginia, Cassandra uses her brothel to gather information for the Union. However, she receives no advance notice when the Union takes the city in 1865. Her house is among those burned by retreating Confederates and several of her girls perish in the flames. Cassandra and her surviving ladies move west.

She encounters Royce and Lily again in California. Cassandra and Royce decide to open a saloon, but Lily declines a share in the business, having a dim view of prostitution in general. They eventually expand their operation to include a small casino.

20th Century
Cassandra returns to Europe after WWI to help rebuild. During WWII, she works with the German underground, passing information to the Allies through the French Resistance. She's eventually shot while on assignment, and has the misfortune to revive in front of several Nazis.

Cassandra is sent to Auschwitz, where she is interrogated and subjected to various experiments. Unable to seduce her way through the guards, she begins to despair of ever escaping. Fortunately, one of the camp's doctors is a new Immortal named Gustav Strauss.

Strauss had tried to kill himself after being assigned to the camp, but revived with no idea how he managed to survive. He helps Cassandra escape in exchange for her help in understanding his nature. Cassandra leads him to her old friend Erik, who had become a blacksmith. Erik forges her a gladius to replace the weapon she'd lost after her capture.

After the war, Cassandra returned to America. Since prostitution was now illegal in the U.S., she got more heavily involved in the casino business. Criminal syndicates who tried to muscle in on her business soon learned to leave her alone.

In the sixties, she expanded her horizons again, opening her own gentlemen's club in Vegas.

The Plague
Cassandra is running her own gentlemen's club in L.A. when Captain Tripps hits. Certain the city will tear itself apart, Cassandra and several of her dancers flee to her cabin in the mountains. However, the plague follows them, killing them one by one. Cassandra can only make her friends comfortable as they die.

Cassandra is pondering her next move when Royce shows up with several refugees from Hawaii. While some of his companions are bound for Boulder, Royce had decided to escort one of them home to Vegas. With no better plan, Cassandra follows her friend to Vegas.

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