Character's Fully Name: Caroline Lynette Tyler

Nickname: Carrie-Lyn

Played By: JP

Character Type: Mortal

Apparent Age: 25

Actual Age: 25

Sex: Female

Height: 5'3''

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Nationality: American

Distinguishing characteristics: A network of pale scars along her shoulder, back, and side. Another scar on her lower lip.

Any other languages: Carrie-Lyn speaks fluent Spanish

Skills: Though she doesn't ride much anymore, Carrie-Lyn has been an able horsewoman since she was a girl when she used to ride them in competitions. She was an up and coming photographer before Captain Tripps hit and was known to be a favorite among celebrities for the beautiful, almost poetic images she took of them.

Personality: Carrie-Lyn comes across at first meeting as a tough, self-reliant young woman with a lot of spunk and a wry sense of humor. But, beneath the veneer of sarcasm and pragmatic common sense is a very vulnerable young woman who is still deeply wounded by her father's death and her own scarring.

History: Born on October 31, 1976, Carrie-Lyn was the only surviving child of Aaron and Lynette Tyler, a prominent ranching family in western Oklahoma. The Tylers raised their beloved and indulged daughter alongside the highly-sought show horses they bred at the Ranch. From her first breath, Carrie-Lyn was treated like a little princess.

At 3, her parents put her on her first pony. It was love at first sight. At 7, Carrie-Lyn won her first horse show and racked up trophy after trophy in the years that followed. She was the image of a very privileged and very loved young girl until one fateful summer night in 1988.

That spring, Carrie-Lyn's father had hired a young man to help him around the ranch. At 50, he was starting to feel his age and simply couldn't keep up with the demands that a lucrative breeding operation required. The young ranch hand had provided a list of references as long as Aaron's arm, but he never looked at them. Aaron took a man at his worth and this young fellow seemed just the sort to help him run the ranch.

The ranch ran smoothly at first, but, in mid-summer, Lynette, the ranch's bookkeeper and manager of the business end of the Tylers' operation, noticed a discrepancy in the books. The ranch hand was taking money. Aaron confronted the young man and he left in the night. The Tylers thought that was the end of the matter and tried to put their lives back together.

But a month later, late at night, while Aaron and Carrie-Lyn were running through the routine for the horse show the next weekend, the ranch hand returned. He set fire to the barn and barricaded the door, trapping Aaron and 11-year-old Carrie-Lyn within. Aaron struggled against the barricade and managed to open the door enough to shove his daughter outside before the barn collapsed, killing him.

Carrie-Lyn was devastated and left with inner scars that more than matched the scars from the 2nd degree burns left behind on her body. For a year, Carrie-Lyn refused to step near a horse, though she still retained her love for the animals. Her mother, amidst working to put her husband's business back together, was desperate to pull Carrie-Lyn out of her grief.

For her thirteenth birthday, Carrie-Lyn as given a camera and her mother's support. That gift started a love affair of a different sort, though she would always adore the horses that she had grown up around. Carrie-Lyn hid behind her camera, but took photos that bared the pain from her father's death.

Carrie-Lyn's skill with a camera took her beyond the ranch and she ended up in New York City, taking photos of celebrities for fashion magazines. She proved herself easy to work with and a true talent in a business that seemed to be more about ego and networking than art. Her talent earned her many fans and many celebrities wished to work with her, though her passion lay with more candid shots than the posed shots she was expected to take. After over a decade of emptiness, she had finally reached a placed where she was content.

Then the Flu came. Carrie-Lyn stuck it out in New York as long as she could, but when the first deaths came, she ran back to Oklahoma only to find the ranch nearly abandoned and her mother getting ill. Lynette Tyler hung on for a long time before finally succumbing to the illness. After burying her in the backyard, Carrie-Lyn tried to face a future where she wondered why she wasn't dead as well.

Faced with the prospect of being left utterly alone in the world, Carrie-Lyn thought of taking her own life. Then the dreams came, urging her west. As of the current day in game, she has made no decision to leave Oklahoma as she trusts neither the Dark Man nor the old black woman that haunt her dreams.

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